Example sentences of "i [verb] [adv] " in BNC.

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31 She gently reminded me that on being in the same room as a baby , the same borough , I became about as relaxed and spontaneous as any old member of the royal family being introduced to Lech Walesa .
32 When I eventually reached the gods I hesitated , afraid to push the door open , but after a couple of minutes I became too frightened to stand there in the dark any longer .
33 Anyway , I became as drunk as a vicar .
34 I became there and then the cricket fanatic I have remained ever since , ’ he recalled in Maurice Tate ( 1976 ) .
35 He had special qualities of sensitivity , patience , rationality , intelligence , and wit ; and when those qualities were completely unobservable , I became quite concerned about what was happening to him , you know , what was the meaning of his life at this point .
36 A former AE of a major futures bucket shop here recalls using hard sell techniques on a visiting client : " One day , he came to lunch with me , and I became quite drunk while he stayed determinedly sober .
37 I learned how to put up wallpaper — I became quite expert at it !
38 Gaitskell never adopted me in the sense that Harold Wilson did later , but I became quite close to him and he employed me in quasi-political matters .
39 I found that if I settled down to the tape and the life of Apricot Smith , I became quite comfortable .
40 As the months went by , I became quite excited by the prospect of weighing myself every Monday .
41 I became quite a celebrity because of it .
42 I never did get the hang of table tennis but I became quite a useful bantam-weight and once even represented the club against Bethnal Green .
43 I became really angry at this very obvious silence .
44 I became really sick here for the first time and did n't know what was going on , ’ he recalls .
45 Years later he found a diary he had kept as a schoolboy in 1940 , two years before I became really aware of him , and he gave it to me .
46 I became really depressed because no matter how much I loved my children or tried to take care of them , I could neither keep the doctor at bay or the fungus that was destroying everything that it came into contact with .
47 I became really scared and then he started walking towards me .
48 It also meant that I became much more familiar with the area I lived in and the people around . ’
49 One man described his experience of depression in this way : ‘ Early in the crisis I became deeply aware that God was my ally .
50 Beginning by a fantastic attempt to construct pedigrees where sons were their own fathers , I became gradually so involved that I remember wondering if God the Father were in truth only the child that grew up into Jesus Christ .
51 It was then that I became fully aware of how your personality is really at stake .
52 When I became fully aware of this , I gave all of my fashionable new clothes to ‘ Oxfam ’ and fished out my old blue jeans and ‘ sloppy joe ’ jumper which I had nearly thrown out only a few weeks before .
53 I became so quiet and lonely and sometimes I did n't even want to see my husband ( after my daughter was born and when she was a baby ) .
54 I became so worried that we went to our G.P. and after several visits he suggested an allergy to cows milk : so we tried a milk free diet ( its harder than you think once you start looking at contents labels ) .
55 In fact , I became so proficient — I used to go over and over them first thing in the mornings — that I finished pulling up Trevino on a couple of occasions .
56 Once when I was young , innocent and unaware of eating amnesia , ‘ weighers-wilt ’ ( ‘ I 'll just take a guess at this — looks like two ounces … ! ’ ) and other related disorders , I became so alarmed about all the people who could n't seem to shed weight on 1,000 calories a day that I interviewed many of them , carefully selected a group of twenty of the most baffling and genuine cases , and incarcerated them in a health farm for a week .
57 But in the end I became so frightened of her I used to start shaking when she came into the room .
58 ‘ I think what I am trying to explain to you , ’ she said , ‘ is that over the years I became so completely cowed and dominated by this monster of an aunt that when she gave me an order , no matter what it was , I obeyed it instantly .
59 I do n't know how I became so enthusiastic !
60 After a while I became so deep in my cups I grew surly , said I felt unwell and trotted off to bed where I could nurse my hurt as well as conceal my bad manners .
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