Example sentences of "keep an eye on [pos pn] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Fournier , who was keeping an eye on their end of the table , called , ‘ Look after young Flavia 's glass — she likes her tipple . ’
2 He seems to spend most of his spare time keeping an eye on your house . ’
3 As I clambered up the ranks of steep terraces , keeping an eye on my train time , early mist still clung to the bare mountainous knives of rock , and the mountain that the fortress itself stood on was festooned with dark trailing grasses like seaweed , adding to its otherworldliness .
4 It felt quite pleasant sitting at a desk , being taught geography and physics again , and keeping an eye on our son .
5 MURDER victim Johanna Young 's mother wept yesterday as she begged parents to always keep an eye on their children .
6 ‘ If he had any sense he 'd stay here and keep an eye on his daughter , ’ I quipped back .
7 He tries to confine his searching to the area around the nest , presumably so that he can keep an eye on his partner .
8 ‘ What I mean is — she explained your circumstances quite openly and asked that if anything happened to her I would keep an eye on your affairs . ’
9 If you do n't keep an eye on your trousers ,
10 Does a neighbour keep an eye on your house while you are away ?
11 Obviously you will keep an eye on your fencing and gates all the year round .
12 Rather , take me into your service , and I 'll keep an eye on your horse for you while you are off hunting .
13 I do keep an eye on my colour changer to make sure that it is picking up each colour as it should and I am also very careful to check that I have no ‘ lazy ’ or less than perfect needles as picking up dropped stitches is not a pleasant job .
14 The Response controller keeps an eye on its peripherals by constantly ‘ polling ’ them in sequence .
15 He helps Pancks , whose landlord he is , to establish Mr Dorrit 's claim to his inheritance , and while Clennam is imprisoned in the Marshalsea he keeps an eye on his affairs ; Anastasia , his unprepossessing , middle-aged daughter , who cherishes the recollection of once having won an action for breach of promise .
16 ‘ You know , the panda who keeps an eye on my drinking habits . ’
17 It is n't just football that needs to keep an eye on its spectators .
18 He told us unsettling stories of Chinese merchants who had insisted on travelling aboard the prahus to keep an eye on their cargo , and had somehow been lost overboard while their merchandise appeared for sale in harbours far from their intended destination .
19 Only if their teacher were with them were they allowed to cross the dusty lane to play on the greater green , for Miss Watson was a woman who had no doubt at all that each and every pupil would be run over and either maimed or killed outright if she were not there to keep an eye on their movements .
20 The farmer and his neighbours were all friends so it was just a case of asking them to keep an eye on their moggies , and spying on a few of the plumper-looking ones — successful hunters , we assumed .
21 The er I 've got to keep an eye on my watch , this is what I 'm going by !
22 Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your home .
23 If you want to keep an eye on your sodium intake , refer to the nutritional information which accompanies some of the recipes in BBC Good Food .
24 But asking a trusty neighbour to keep an eye on your property should mean you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about what you might find when you get home .
25 Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your house .
26 He also asked her to keep an eye on his widow because he had heard about the carrying-on with the women-folk .
27 You 'll have to keep an eye on his mouth .
28 You 'll have to keep an eye on his mouth today .
29 For example , they can help handicapped youngsters in the difficult school-leaving period , encourage them to find work , keep an eye on their activities if they are trying to take on too much or are getting into bad company , help them to cope with family relationships and to become as independent and content as possible .
30 So I do things for chaps from the U.K. Keep an eye on their properties .
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