Example sentences of "keep an eye on [pos pn] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 But it is important for parents to be aware and keep an eye on their children . ’
32 By following Andy Kyle he could keep just ahead of the final match , make a progress round the entire course and keep an eye on his stake .
33 Keep an eye on your cichlids , as they may attempt to do this .
34 ‘ And ’ , he underlined the ‘ and ’ , ‘ keep an eye on our Liza . ’
35 " Keep an eye on our friends , " he muttered and while Brady took up position beside the door , Tom helped Patrick over to the bar .
36 For the first month of her life Mrs MacDonagh had taken the baby into her own house , along with Eleanor 's eighteen-month-old brother Patrick , and she had bottle fed the baby and kept an eye on her brother amidst the debris of her own life and the squalor of her enormous family .
37 ‘ I did his personal tax return and kept an eye on his investments . ’
38 Mary organized the plates and kept an eye on his carving .
39 Emily had never had a head for figures , and her brother-in-law , Marcus Judge , had kept an eye on her finances from the beginning , gradually acquiring a controlling interest in the business .
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