Example sentences of "like for " in BNC.

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1 Does an English liking for watercolour spring from the country 's climate ?
2 Her tact and scrupulousness are beyond praise , and the book she has made can not be recommended too urgently — even ( perhaps especially ) to those who have no special interest in , or liking for , either Charles Olson or Ezra Pound .
3 Or survivals at the level of colour : liking for flat and intense colours , local earth and vegetable dyes , which may go all the way back to the ancient textile traditions such as that of the Paracas culture in Peru .
4 When he wrote The Childhood at the age of thirty-five , Thomas associated this sudden interest in poetry with a sex-stirred liking for a ‘ tall thin freckled girl of about my own age with good rather large features , dark hair and grey eyes , and an austere expression ’ .
5 There is little strong anti-European feeling in Britain , but there is little liking for being told how much better the Europeans are .
6 She formed an immediate trust and liking for the duo , and it was on the basis of trust that she agreed to record with them .
7 They have not chosen the new family and they may not feel love or even liking for the new partner .
8 The threat , if it was a threat , had taken all his nerve , and the seed of liking for him died within her .
9 an inborn sympathy and liking for the native and his affairs …
10 What remains the same is Rickenbacker 's liking for parallel neck depth , and this one measures more or less ″ from the first fret to the 17th .
11 This liking for old gear means that they both spend a lot of time hunting it down , as Bryan explains …
12 Dorothy 's liking for long country walks upset the neighbours and her aunt tried to intervene ; Dorothy replied that her brother 's virtues were ‘ sufficient protection ’ .
13 With her liking for the music of Simply Red , and her friendship with lead singer Mick Hucknall , does n't she dream of being a member of the band ?
14 I do n't think I would have gone on with my own writing if you had n't shown such interest and liking for my work ( which I must admit I was a bit suspicious at first ! ) .
15 A pupil of Whistler , he derived from him a characteristic liking for low tones , which he manipulated with great dexterity to produce effects reminiscent of Rembrandt .
16 Whether the region 's liking for liberal trade will last remains to be seen .
17 Black has been the colour of evening suits since the 19th century , but in the Thirties , smart gents followed the Prince of Wales 's liking for midnight blue instead of black .
18 Clothing sets up a hierarchical order founded on a father 's liking for a child .
19 Gerald was always being chided for something or other : his wife had never entirely lost her Portuguese liking for matriarchal discipline , order and cleanliness — qualities that were not often found among the Husseys .
20 Old Black Hannah put in an appearance , and one or two other women from the village who remembered Martha as a child , and who , perhaps , shared her liking for the Old Faith ; but apart from them , it was just Mr Drew ( who galloped through the service as fast as he could ) , Jennifer and the two gravediggers , who came in after the blessing and carried the coffin out underhand , dumping it without much reverence into the mortice they had prepared for it .
21 The West had shown little liking for this .
22 Whether it is that nowadays people are less interested in playing games as between author and reader , or whether it is that the human liking for games-playing has been transferred to other fields I do not know .
23 On the other , I felt that he had after all taken a sort of liking for me .
24 Joe held out his hand , they shook hands and walked away from each other , Joe feeling that he had done what he could to save Maureen from wrecking her life and suffering years of pain but troubled by sympathy and liking for Chris .
25 Rhythmic patterns tend to be sober and square-cut , and that liking for the C mode — as such , e.g. in Clemens 's Missa Misericorde , s or transposed to F with a B flat key-signature — which we have already noticed in Josquin , becomes very pronounced .
26 Alexander 's teacher Aristotle did not share this liking for priests , but his scientific curiosity which was truly universal extended to the wisdom of the East .
27 ‘ A liking for young men ? ’
28 The bazaar drew nearer and nearer — and what a strange thing , McAllister thought , to be such a central part of her life , and she and Matey worked together now , in that , as in everything else , and Matey 's liking for her grew daily , for the eyes McAllister turned on him were always so full of love , and he was easy and happy with her , as he had not been since he was a boy before Africa and Angela Deverill 's betrayal .
29 A new theory linking familiarity , complexity , and liking for two special classes of objects will be tested rigorously for the first time .
30 Sir Alf Ramsey was n't popular with many ( it is n't a manager 's job to be popular ) but every player who played for him had enormous respect and liking for him .
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