Example sentences of "like [be] " in BNC.

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1 Those she does n't like are ‘ cursed ’ or ‘ afflicted ’ .
2 The only things he does n't like are the narrow ramps on to aeroplanes , so we have to get behind him with a broom .
3 Ask how much the holiday would cost and whether the dates you would like are available .
4 Some of my negative qualities that I like are : Some that I do n't like are :
5 Do you er like are you one of those people like if you hear about a death
6 Among things we would like are the acceleration of helping along the Highland university , office and factory developments , marketing schemes , training programmes , and workshops . ’
7 Only ones I do n't like are the ones in like oh that does n't matter cos he 's allowed to do that cos it 's a keep clear zone there .
8 Yes , but I want to know , Brenda , are you really concerned about the fact that you 'll see it , or the fact that these people that you do n't particularly like are going to be living near you .
9 If you were it probably be a bit different than it actually is dad said to me once that if he , that if he 'd like been in charge of it we 'd of gone to the Leeds and not St Augustine 's
10 That 's what you 'd like in n it Phil ?
11 Well they sort of said that what , hopefully , she 'll like be there for a couple of days and she 'll never think she 's been anywhere else , she 'll think she 's been there all the time .
12 ‘ I do n't like being a burden on people like this . ’
13 John Cleese tells Jamie Lee Curtis he does n't like being English all that much .
14 Undergraduates of moderate ability do not much like being asked to choose between differing judgements on the same text ; I can imagine them becoming confused and resentful if they were asked to choose between different critical approaches and all their attendant ideological baggage .
15 I do not like being forced to this conclusion .
16 ‘ People in my patch do n't like being unpopular , ’ a worker from Manchester said .
17 However , if we do not like being judged by an external tribunal , if we do not like our citizens being interrogated by foreign judges about acts committed in the United Kingdom , if we do not like our Acts of Parliament and our internal administration being scrupulously picked over by a European Commission , if we do not like the relations between the Crown and its possessions being altered over our heads , the remedy is in our own hands .
18 In his opening remarks in Russian , he said : ‘ I do n't like being the centre of a sensation , but I know I ca n't avoid it this time . ’
19 Israelis , used to instant retaliation , do not like being sitting ducks .
20 At breakfast my seven-year-old daughter enquires , quite seriously : ‘ Daddy , do you like being a doctor ? ’
21 He did n't like being alone with his Dad .
22 Those guys do n't like being questioned by Europeans .
23 Nigel did n't like being lumped in with prisoners and mad women in this way .
24 I learned quickly that she did not like being ‘ told ’ .
25 Horses certainly do n't instinctively like being patted : a pat is the closest gesture we can make to a kick .
26 ‘ I like to think I 'm a good loser , but I do n't like being cheated out of something that I ought to have won , ’ he said .
27 ‘ I like to think I 'm a good loser , but I do n't like being cheated out of something that I ought to have won , ’ he said .
28 I do n't like being without a woman for long . ’
29 She did not like being a victim .
30 But she did n't like being called a machine , even an efficient one .
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