Example sentences of "about [adj] " in BNC.

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1 And it is by that fire that Kentigern is born — about 518 — and to that fire , just as in the Gospels , that shepherds came and cared for the boy whose mother , her work done , is dead . ’
2 We can date the ‘ oxygen revolution ’ — the time when oxygen became an important gas in the Earth 's atmosphere — fairly precisely : it occurred about 410 million years ago .
3 He was about fifty-five , short , sturdy , and very neat .
4 He was about fifty-five and fat , but jolly with it .
5 He is a man of about fifty-five , with a quick ‘ nervous manner , as if he had pressing engagements elsewhere , which seems unlikely : the university has run out of steam and its faculty members are all jumping ship , if they can .
6 The lecturer was convinced of the incorrectness or injustice of this opinion ; in his view the explanation of Turner 's beginning in middle age to paint what we think of as ‘ Turners ’ was that the crystalline lens of his eyes became rather dim when he was about fifty-five , ‘ and dispersed the light more strongly , and in consequence threw a bluish mist over illuminated objects ’ .
7 He was a big man , about fifty-five years old , with brown eyes and a nice smile .
8 He judged the size of the crowd at about 35,000 — small by standards elsewhere but an improvement over attendance figures for the past two years .
9 The latest decision will immediately affect about 35,000 young white men due to begin service next February and more than 15,000 scheduled to start in August .
10 The latest decision will immediately affect about 35,000 young white men due to begin service next February and more than 15,000 scheduled to start in August .
11 As for our own species , the oldest evidence , going back to possibly about 35,000 BC , reveals that the dead were not only equipped with weapons , tools , and ornaments but also with food , which must often have been in short supply among the living .
12 By 1907 it had its own herdbook and numbered about 35,000 .
13 The smaller , darker mountain type with black points and mucosae is very like the Piedmont of northwest Italy and is ideal for extensive systems , but it has been declining in numbers over the last 50 years and by 1980 was down to about 35,000 .
14 A similar point was made by the eminent US naturalist Stephen Jay Gould in his introduction to Bjørn Kurtén 's fascinating novel Dance of the Tiger ( 1980 ) , whose focus is the hypothetical extermination of Neanderthals by Cro-Magnons , about 35,000 years ago .
15 Compagnie des Machines Bull SA is looking to cut another 3,000 jobs from its global payroll of about 35,000 , chairman Bernard Pache said yesterday as he presented the figures for 1992 ( see page six ) .
16 By the beginning of James 's reign it was probably worth about 35,000 per annum .
17 Today there are about 35,000 species of crustacean — four times as many as there are of birds .
18 The funding will contribute towards an increase in the sample fraction from its usual 10% to 50% giving a total ( target ) sample of about 35,000 .
19 These counts recorded totals of 23–50 birds in 1953 , about 290 in the period 1967–1968 , and 326 , including 98 young of the year , in 1971 .
20 On 19 October 1550 he was granted letters of denization and he is listed thereafter in various City parishes , the last being St Bride 's in the ward of Faringdon Without , where he was described in 1571 as ‘ Haunce , pictorer , a denizen , borne in Anwarpe , came into the realm about xxviii yeres past , Douch ’ .
21 About 840 Joash was put on the throne either by Carian or by Cretan mercenaries , according to which interpretation one prefers of II Kings II.4 .
22 The mean or average amount was nearly 8 a month or about 0.76 per cent of average earnings .
23 He 'd said , ‘ I 'll be home about four-thirty . ’
24 After leaving school at around ten o'clock , we arrived at Cliff College at about four-thirty in the afternoon .
25 The only near contemporary Christian account , the anonymous Historia Roderici ( of about 1110 ) is only concerned with two aspects of El Cid 's life — his heroism and his unfailing loyalty towards Alfonso .
26 This new method was exemplified to clone PCR-fragments obtained from a DNA-region about 8.4 kb upstream of the trpGDC -cluster of Azospirillum brasilense Sp7 leading to the identification of pyrG which encodes a CTP-synthase ( 6 ) .
27 In the Less Favoured Area ( which includes all the Welsh uplands ) , the average size of sheep farm is about 262 hectares and the average mixed cattle and sheep farm about 138 hectares .
28 Priene was rebuilt near the mouth of the River Meander about 334 B.C. Because the town was not of great importance under the late Roman rule , few alterations were made to adapt it to Roman needs , so much of the Hellenistic building has survived .
29 The Zenon Papyri have shown how in about 259 B.C. the agents of the finance minister Apollonius operated in the interests of their master : one of his estates was at Bet Anat in Galilee ( Corpus Papyrorum Judaicarum 1 , 1–5 ) .
30 THE furniture group , MFI , is to cut about 259 jobs with the closure of its home-delivery distribution centre at Runcorn , Cheshire , in May , workers were told yesterday .
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