Example sentences of "[adj] [noun pl] ' grace " in BNC.

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1 Strathaven-based Yuill and Dodds , which was due to have its licence suspended for seven days from midnight on Sunday , has been given 49 days ' grace to decide whether to appeal against the decision .
2 I phoned and the man that I needed to speak to was not there , he 'd been seconded to the Himalayas or something , he was only coming back erm , in the middle of January , I was in , erm , November or whatever it was , I was giving a few days ' grace , and then I was going to call .
3 The state of confusion surrounding such issues was such that he was obliged to allow forty days ' grace to many of his ninety or so loyal vassals assembled at St Sever in September 1273 , so that they might consult their title-deeds , old charters , relatives and aged kinsmen .
4 He asked that she be given six months ' grace at Althorp so she could adapt to life without him .
5 The winner must waive the normal six months ' grace afforded to a champion and defend it on a 50-50 purse basis when called upon .
6 Repayments on 86 per cent of this total would be rescheduled over 20 years ( with a 10-year grace period ) and on the remaining 14 per cent over 15 years ( with 10 years ' grace ) .
7 Fariz provided no details of the amounts involved , but said that the accord provided a 10-year repayment period with 10 years ' grace for official debt originally due for repayment between 1991 and mid-1993 .
8 The Middle East Economic Digest of March 20 , citing a Jordanian economist , Fahed Fanek , said that the London Club creditors had agreed to reschedule US$500 million over 20 years , including 10 years ' grace .
9 In a debt reduction agreement ratified by the Council of State on May 1 , 1989 , Paraguay was granted a new period of 20 years , with eight years ' grace , for the payment of its $436,000,000 debt to Brazil .
10 He asked for two or three days ' grace so that he could consult with his friends and when this was granted , he took his leave .
11 By the time Scott had changed his blue Jersey for something less like the blue and gold of his colleagues , the ten minutes ' grace had been swallowed up .
12 A last-minute plea to the Scottish Office by the North Tayside MP , Bill Walker , for a few more days ' grace to allow the Diplexcito family to ‘ depart with dignity ’ from their home of 17 years fell on deaf ears .
13 Some screws were more lenient than others and you learned when you saw who came round to wake you up how much you had to hurry — whether it was one who 'd put you on report if you were one minute late or if they would give you five minutes ' grace .
14 Existing gainers of the subsidy would presumably be given a further five years ' grace , and new recruits would similarly benefit .
15 The arrangement provided for the repayment of all the principal owed for 1989 and 1990 and half the interest payable for 1989 over a 10-year period with five years ' grace .
16 Their five years ' grace is up ( in fact , seven years from demands endorsed during the 1986 Salmon Bill proceedings ) .
17 Historically , the minimum subscription Association 's affiliated organizations and clubs has been set that twice the personal member 's subscription and after a period of two years ' grace it 's the Council 's wish that this balance is re-established so that the relativity returns to that which existed prior to the increase in subscriptions that was proposed at the A G M in nineteen ninety one .
18 Stephen left a message , grateful for two days ' grace .
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