Example sentences of "need for " in BNC.

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1 These fees are quite distinct from the money you will need for living , travelling , buying books , etc. , which will probably account for a further £3500 to £5000 ( these figures are based on 1989/90 standards ) .
2 ‘ She says , can you come to coffee and tell her about what I 'll need for school . ’
3 This is a lively , swinging hotel with everything you could need for a holiday to remember .
4 Here is a guide to some of the hand tools you 'll need for a range of d-i-y activities .
5 She lifts from the floor a leather Gladstone bag , and begins to load it with the things she will need for the day : well-thumbed , much underlined and annotated copies of Shirley , Mary Barton , North and South , Sybil , Alton Locke , Felix Holt , Hard Times ; her lecture notes — a palimpsest of holograph revisions in different-coloured inks , beneath which the original typescript is scarcely legible ; and a thick sheaf of student essays marked over the Christmas vacation .
6 Could you tell me what kit I might need for the cross country phase for both horse and rider ?
7 ‘ Oh , and how much money does she need for that ? ’ asked Anne 's father , looking up quickly .
8 How much fitted carpet will you need for each room ?
9 Check the plan and find out how much curtain material ( at 1m wide ) you will need for each window .
10 Decide what teaching resources you will need for the formal teaching sessions .
11 Then they will ask the research council for the £30 million they will need for the project .
12 How many shoes do we need for our feet or gloves for our hands ?
13 Make a list of what essential food you will need for the first day in your new home and go shopping the day before you move .
14 There 's a brisk word for the little people — waiters ( ‘ idiot ’ ) , cleaning ladies , young policemen , flower stall men ( ‘ what kind of mortgage do I need for those ? ’ ) ,
15 He could bring back those of your possessions you will need for the rest of the voyage . ’
16 Internal walls can be anything from 75mm to 250mm thick ; if there 's a door in the wall you can measure the lining for the width of timber you 'll need for the serving hatch .
17 If their stay however turns out to be a longer one console yourself that the Gyroflo oven is easy to manage and having that extra 25% cooking space per shelf , will give you all the room you 'll need for that larger roast and all those extra fairy cakes .
18 Rainwater goods , coping roof edge trims and ventilators — in fact , everything you will ever need for the perfect job .
19 ‘ How much of your clobber will you need for your first two days ? ’
20 You 've got a long and full life ahead of you , chum , so you must now stop worrying and go back to sleep and catch up on the strength you 'll need for living it up when you 're better . ’
21 The little shop had been arranged as what I have seen described as a mini-hypermarket , so I found a basket and busied myself with collecting what supplies I thought I might need for the next couple of days .
22 Saturday morning , and once again a fair and breezy day , so fair that I decided to give myself a holiday from writing , and go straight after breakfast to pick up the supplies I would need for the weekend .
23 She never bought more , nor less , than she would need for her housekeeping for the next 24 hours .
24 One of the best ways of deciding which floorcovering to use where is to work around the house , thinking about what each room will need for the best combination of looks , durability , ease of cleaning and comfort , all at a price you can afford .
25 This chamber should be a nice treat for the adventurers , allowing them to gain some resources they will need for the harder and more dangerous encounters to come .
26 But they may save more of the skills that NATO 's defence planners will need for the future .
27 Here you can find exquisitely tailored coats with velvet collars , hand- embroidered infant nightdresses , button shoes and everything you could need for a newborn baby including charmingly traditional christening presents .
28 As we loaded up the trucks with everything we would need for our month away at Canjuers I felt that we might be about to learn some soldiering .
29 Resource-based learning can last as little as ten minutes : a child 's scrutiny of a repeating film-loop which teaches him a concept or skill he will need for the next part of his programme ; a short programmed exercise that enables him to test his grasp of an idea or piece of knowledge before embarking on a larger exercise ; a work-card unit giving practise in loading a projector or using a subject catalogue .
30 If there is to be live filming of an event as an outside broadcast the technicians will soon enough explain the facilities which they will need for lighting , position of cameras and so on .
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