Example sentences of "need [be] " in BNC.

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1 In general this is all that you need to complete most documents , the only extra frames you 'll need are for images .
2 Those benefits do n't need are n't there because there is employment .
3 I 've had a letter from our Ken He writes , pensioners are now , are growing vi vital contingency including many active gift enable people with other use , there often made to feel unwanted , there commonly neglected and there needs are seldom frequently met .
4 The candidate who brings his whole library to such an examination often fails : the facts that he needs are lost in a multitude of pages .
5 It comes complete with all fittings for usual tap-threads , and all you will need is a wrench to tighten it in position to comply with the law — incidentally , a fine of up to £400 can be imposed for non-compliance with the law !
6 ‘ If you have spent a day at the stadium , the one thing you do n't need is to spend an evening at the theatre .
7 Nor would the letting of the house at £400 a month be advisable , because the accommodation in the hotel that the Povah family would need is worth considerably more in terms of income .
8 What we do not need is another socialist experiment starting next Thursday .
9 One thing you will need is patience .
10 All I 'd need is a few fags to keep me awake and I 'd have my foot down all the way .
11 Only thing we do n't need is 'possums .
12 What she might need is a good fright .
13 All you will need is a piece of plywood , plastic or plain wood about 65mm x 200mm ( 21/2 x 8in ) and a couple of short lengths of dowel .
14 The people have spoken , and though not with unanimous voice , in large enough numbers to make the message clear : the bolters need controlling if our crags are not to become clinical , sporting playgrounds where all you 'll need is a rack of quick-draws and a chalk bag .
15 All you will need is a screwdriver and a drill .
16 What the agency does need is a politically astute and highly articulate spokesman , capable of effectively rebuking the relentless attacks of the far Right with sane and moderate reason .
17 All you will need is a screwdriver and a drill .
18 All you will need is a screwdriver , a spanner and ( if shields are fitted ) water pump pliers or a similar tool .
19 And for a first course all you will need is either the broth from the pot-au-feu , which will have a very fine flavour and which you can thicken if you like with a little rice — there should be enough for seven or eight people — or perhaps a dish of mussels , or a light fish soup .
20 A better , put a fibrous pad over it , so a pad , pressure directly over the wound initially , that 's the first treatment done , see to casualty put pressure immediately over the wound and raise the limb higher than the heart , then the first aid equipment that you 'll need is a fibrous pad to bind over it , to keep the pressure on .
21 What I do n't need is a love affair with a woman who 's on the run from her past , her husband and God knows what else I have n't been told about yet .
22 Students are often left to muddle along ; the help they may need is not forthcoming , even in tutorials .
23 Sometimes one fact or figure that you may need is not defined : you are expected to know it .
24 What I do not need is to be awoken at 4 a.m. in the depths of winter , forced from my bed and summoned to gawp at an empty space where once a football stand stood .
25 After that , all we 'll need is one definite alarm and we can follow him wherever he goes . ’
26 What you do need is the desire and determination to learn , and if you have that , you are well on the way to joining more than 100,000 men and women from every walk of life who will be studying with the Open University next year .
27 Another item which a horse does need is shoes .
28 Now , perhaps , people will be more inclined to do just that , and if they are , then what we may need is a trade union link review group mark two .
29 What you do need is a basic ability in English and maths , a pride in your work , and most important of all an interest in cookery .
30 What we do need is the equivalent of what we 've got in the documents which I 've given to you which is some sort of allowance for every bit of control of the thing .
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