Example sentences of "no world " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 I know of no world champion boxers who stand rooted to the spot .
2 The flight from mind in respect either of its intellectual or sensational aspects would be disastrous , but the currently fashionable flight from both leaves us with no world at all .
3 There is no world for her outside this stillness … the world ends somewhere beyond Kaluga ’ ( a nearby provincial centre ) .
4 In the case of global pollution , no world government exists to make polluters pay .
5 The players , without whom there would be no World Cup , are not receiving any money .
6 … she remained to me always unattainable and romantic — unique , with all the unexpressed purposes of love such as no world had ever known .
7 There 's really not much point advocating a ‘ New World Order ’ if there 's no world left in which to establish that order .
8 No world outside the bowl .
9 Well , once upon a time there was no world at all .
10 Thus there is no world history , with clearly marked and universal stages of development , but only separate histories of different areas of the world ; and we are led to a conception like that of Max Weber , in which the unique features in the history of Western Europe , and especially those which gave an impetus to the development of capitalism , are emphasized .
11 Belfast 's European champion produced a quite stunning performance which totally belied his relative immaturity and made a mockery of the fact that he went into this fight with no world rating of any description .
12 You may restrict access to files for which LIFESPAN normally requires WORLD:READ or WORLD:READ+EXECUTE access by setting no WORLD access and applying ACLs .
13 There was no world war by September , but what did occur was the first major decline in the domestic popularity of his foreign policy .
14 THERE was no world record , no sleep and plenty of pain for a County Durham darts charity marathon team at the weekend .
15 That legendary scrum-half , whom no less a pundit than Vivian Jenkins once included in his World XV , built his tally in the days when there was not only no World Cup and no Scotland overseas tours but no French match .
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