Example sentences of "just [vb pp] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ ALMIGHTY Allah has vindicated us , ’ Nawaz Sharif told the crowds waiting outside Pakistan 's Supreme Court on May 26th : the court had just reinstated him as prime minister .
2 Wilsonville , Oregon-base Mentor Graphics Inc , once a high-flyer in the CAD world , has just posted second quarter losses of $6.9m .
3 It would inflict special damage on a person who had just posted a business letter the purpose of which would be defeated by any exceptional delay .
4 Anyway , you could ask for the prices to be faxed back to you , or even just posted .
5 Now independent taxation , as you may know , came in , we 're now in ninety three four , I 've only just altered the heading because very little else has changed and I 'm a lazy so and so I ca n't rewrite it just for the heading .
6 Yeah , 'cos she 's just altered it .
7 It was n't even in a fridge or nothing — it was just pressed up against the window to keep it cold .
8 It has an enticing scent and flavour of just pressed grapes cut with a fresh note of lemon .
9 Probably the most useful indicator on a shoot is the one which shows whether or not you are actually recording pictures — it 's easy to forget whether you have just pressed the camera control on or off !
10 I should have just pressed the erase button . ’
11 They moved little , just pressed against each other , felt the excitement of unknown flesh .
12 She had just pressed it a second time when she heard a faint voice above the High Street traffic .
13 We could stop after one pass through the data , but we can also repeat the running three-median procedure on the values just smoothed to produce a smoother result .
14 It 's always essential to view the ridge you 've just conquered , for the serious purpose of hugging yourself with glee , and a wonderful view of The Grey Corries can be savoured from the war memorial on the A82 north of Spean Bridge .
15 REBECCA Stephens may have just conquered the world 's tallest mountain — but she insisted last night she had no plans to end her climbing career on a high note .
16 The pastry is neither crisp nor soggy , and just tinged with cherry juice .
17 I 've just travelled on a train that has had its inside scraped and engraved with the upside-down , sideways , capitals language of fanatics of the football game .
18 And he was out there for about three years , he come back home and of cou just travelled the country , again working on the farms and that .
19 Have you just travelled along the A10 ?
20 He has just broken one of his records deliberately and is on his knees picking up the pieces as he talks to himself .
21 YOUR computer has just broken down .
22 Their assumption that ‘ he knows what he has done wrong ’ is based on the fact that Rover is slinking along the floor with its head and tail down looking for all the world like a naughty school boy who 's just broken the headmaster 's window .
23 Mr Wheeler , now moving to the rear of the plant to show off the £2m smoke-cleaning section , which had just broken down , pointed out that his company achieved destruction of at least 99.9999 per cent of all materials .
24 As the winner of both his races this season , Cruising Altitude was fully entitled to start favourite at the weights and he set a course record beating the time of Run For Free in the opener who had himself just broken the previous record .
25 THE fighting had just broken out in Panama City when a group of men dressed in civilian clothes and armed with rifles surrounded the Marriott Hotel and began rounding up guests .
26 The South African war had just broken out and I had received my embarkation orders .
27 Yummy yoghurt swirl Blend strawberries in a processor until just broken up .
28 Stevie Wonder wrote , sang and played arguably his finest albums , ‘ Talking Book ’ and ‘ Innervisions ’ , having only just broken the twenty threshold .
29 I 've just broken the record for writing more books than any English author has ever done .
30 Perhaps , like Meredith Jones , Lloyd 's natural interest and generosity were spurred on both by the obvious scarcity of opportunity for the children in that industrial beehive and by the war which had just broken out .
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