Example sentences of "just [conj] " in BNC.

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1 But just afore she passed out she said something about her sister and wor Robbie .
2 I wrote to Hester just afore Christmas , explaining about Ma being badly .
3 It 's just afore you get to .
4 Was that just after the second war or just afore it ?
5 It was just seeing you like that .
6 Meg did not think for that — foul wash , the tinker boy ; his thing ; he had roared with laughter — as just or justifiable .
7 It was n't fair , just or right for the Signora to come before the hour appointed ; she should have been admitted by Giovanna herself and the keys should have remained hanging on their appointed hook ; the other set being in the pocket of Giovanna 's overall from which she now drew them and held them up making it clear that they would be relinquished only upon her death and then only into the hands of Signor Kettering .
8 So actually seeing though first time , how much of a shock did it come to you , or was it just or was it expected ?
9 However small it was ( and whether it is just or not ) , I have felt over the years that the Halton experience has enabled me ( despite my background ) to bridge the gap between those far off days , and reaching the rank of sergeant pilot , and the mid-war years when , in a few months , there was swift passage through the roles of flight commander , squadron commander , staff officer and station commander .
10 Where the application is made to the district judge he may , if in doubt as to the proper order to be made , refer the application to the judge forthwith or at the next convenient opportunity , and the judge may hear the application and make such order as may be just or may refer it back to the district judge with directions .
11 So they would immediately have turned to the second , legislative stage : they would have tried to discover which decision was more sensible or just or democratic or would otherwise better serve the community .
12 The practical difference between the two theories of adjudication is therefore this : in a conventionalist regime judges would not think themselves free to change rules adopted pursuant to the reigning legal conventions just because on balance a different rule would be more just or efficient .
13 He he does n't raise his voice he just looks just or
14 And some of them would take it maybe themselves just or in Kirkwall .
15 Whether he 's than just or .
16 What happens to it then , does it just or what ?
17 Pairs of sentences that have a coherent semantic relation have been shown to be more rapidly processed than pairs in which the relation is less distinct [ Just & carpenter , 1978 ] .
18 Its principal strengths lie in the ability to ( a ) make selective use of available visual cues ( for fluent readers much of the visual stimulus remains unattended [ Just & Carpenter , 1987 ] ) and ( b ) utilise an understanding of the text that can guide the reading process and compensate for any degradation or ambiguity within the visual stimulus .
19 I can see just where it will go , she said .
20 For when the Pisan detention-camp in 1946 compelled the poet to breach , though guardedly , the barrier of his reticence , he certainly wrote about the women he had loved ; and if Dorothy is of that company ( as she must be , surely ) , we need to know just where she figures , and on what terms .
21 On both her outings Silk Slippers has thrust her attractive nose in front just where it matters and in so doing has established herself not merely as a valuable stud prospect , but an exciting candidate for next year 's 1,000 Guineas and Oaks .
22 That the House of Commons , which had its share of agnostics and non-Anglicans , should order the Church how to worship God was an interference by the State in the affairs of the Church , just where those affairs were sacred and touched the conscience .
23 So he hung about in a lonely spot one night , just where the other fellow was due to pass by — and well , Bob 's your uncle , as you so succinctly put it .
24 He dropped the note-book in the mud just where the water came and stamped on it , grinding it in to the soft mess of leaves .
25 He knew just where the medals were .
26 You 'll arrive to find they 've stuck the mikes just where you do n't want them .
27 My path ended in thick undergrowth , just where the estuary widened into the sea .
28 Sister Dannii would often join in and little could parents Carol and Ron have realised just where this extrovert show of singing and dancing would lead to .
29 It then becomes the dominant element in the design , just where it should be , near the geometric centre .
30 OLD Krems is built on the slope of the Danube 's left bank just where the little river Krems joins its greater sister .
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