Example sentences of "know how " in BNC.

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1 With possibly one in three of adults in some African towns and cities already HIV infected , it is hard to know how to begin to help .
2 As part of the course , she has to choose a subject of her own about which to write a paper ; one of her difficulties is to know how to form her own views , not just copy already received opinions .
3 This distinction can be limpid if the artist is directly interviewed , and the interview is verbatim ; but there are problems of evidence with filming and tape recordings , as well as with interviews , since the viewer or reader is unlikely to know how they have been edited .
4 It is not easy to know how far Kafka 's fictions can be thought to answer descriptively to the historical realities of his time , let alone to those which his fictions are often thought to have predicted .
5 And it is not easy to know how far Kapuscinski 's book is a book about a bygone Ethiopia .
6 Annabel , taking advantage as usual , wanted to know how to curtsy properly , and Kezia showed her .
7 You need to know how consistently and how accurately you can land ; be honest with yourself and accept your limitations .
8 If you are going to fly your glider efficiently while turning steeply in thermals with other gliders , you need to know how it will behave at the stall .
9 She says she needs to gather up , in her post-modern skirt , all the creative , affirmative , intellectual parts of her childhood ; she needs to know how her folk survived , and when she looks for them in England , on TV , at the theatre , in art galleries , in advertising , they 're invisible .
10 If you want to know how the bird 's eye in maple is formed ask a logger .
11 He is , however , frequently contacted by landowners who want to know how they can make better use of their trees .
12 Its exponents are trained to feel how to move with each part of their bodies and to know how their movements must be coordinated to produce one or another step or pose .
13 They can be irritatingly slow to publish , and it is often difficult to know how they spend their time .
14 They will want to know how Eurotunnel got its sums so badly awry .
15 Second , is n't there an urgent need for a fundamental rethinking of the accounting conventions by which company performance is measured , if would-be ethical investors are to know how environmentally friendly the companies in which they invest really are ?
16 One theory is that the US was at a loss to know how to deal with the rebels becuase it had , indeed , been plotting a Panamanian coup , but not this coup .
17 Eddie Dayan , Lowndes ' managing director , said it was too early to know how the latest round of interest rates would affect sales , but the company has put on hold its £10m store refurbishment programme , which was three-quarters complete .
18 Fielding notes how some constables subsume these negotiating skills under the category of ‘ talk ’ , which gives meaning to their complaint that many younger policemen seem no longer to know how to talk to members of the public ( 1988b : 60 ; also see Holdaway 1983 : 90 ; Southgate 1982 : 11–12 ) .
19 Lots of people wanted to know how Christians were Socialist and how Socialists were Christian .
20 We need to know how to see the world as the Christian Fathers saw it ; and the purpose of reascending to origins is that we should be able to return , with greater spiritual knowledge , to our own situation .
21 They want to know how or what for , about every thing , then at the end they say ‘ Rubbish ! ’ and they tease and tell other people .
22 He wanted to know how I 'd been getting on , and who 'd been helping me out .
23 ‘ So I want to know how the investigation is getting on .
24 She strongly objects to the chimps ' tea party in Brooke Bond tea ads : ‘ I still want to know how the chimps are made to move their mouths like that .
25 He wants to know how they live , how they think .
26 These questions included : ‘ I want … to know how to increase provision for young people at risk in my organisation … to raise consciousness about young people on the agenda of my church … to change the attitude of Christians to that of the discipline of compassion . ’
27 If so , it is difficult to know how he would have stood up to the long haul that still awaited him .
28 Also , it is difficult to know how well Rank 's negotiating position would have held up after cinema admissions had started their precipitate decline in the mid-1950s .
29 It would be interesting to know how Mr Bishko 's shareholders feel about the future .
30 Reading Unamuno , I found this passage which gave me comfort among all the mockery : ‘ The greatest height of heroism to which an individual , like a people , can attain is to know how to face ridicule . ’
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