Example sentences of "know [adv] " in BNC.

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1 And to do this she must get away , must ‘ know somewhere else ’ .
2 We will know somewhere how much we need definitely
3 Or do you know somewhere ?
4 PLEASE let me know on if you have any tit-bits for either Medau News or the local Press .
5 He became a friend of Jack Lawson ( Lord Lawson ) who was a faithful Methodist , and Sam Watson the Durham miners ' leader , whom he came to know intimately .
6 An ability to face out or sideways on easy ground must be developed in the interest of speed , but equally you should know instinctively when to turn inwards to get a surer support as the rock angle increases .
7 ‘ Why do I know instinctively that that does not mean that you are willing to admit you burn for me , cara ? ’
8 If this happens , let us know right away — we may be able to offer you an overdraft of up to £250 INTEREST FREE !
9 we 'll let you know right away .
10 yes , and I , I do n't know whether I 've been that way , I honestly do n't know right then , so you 're all systems go , that 's the main thing
11 we 'll let you know right away .
12 She turned on the charm to all she met and grinned at cameramen , seeming to know instinctively when the best pictures were being taken .
13 It had been pulling the small cart through backstreets for years now and seemed to know instinctively that it would probably be required to stop at any moment , so there was no point in hurrying .
14 They soon learned not to talk when just a look would do , and even when separated , each seemed to know instinctively when the other was in trouble .
15 Elaine seemed to know instinctively what she was thinking .
16 She came to know instinctively the kind of candid , vivid anecdote that found favour with him , the sort of thing that made him chuckle with delight , and sometimes scribble it down in a note-book .
17 Ordinary women seemed to know instinctively that from the hip down ( and especially from behind ) culottes produced an unflattering outline , the mini won hands down .
18 Completely new to our Sale , he seemed to know instinctively what had to be done , and did it , swiftly , silently , strongly .
19 Anyway , if you were n't so futile , you 'd know jolly well I 've no need to make Pogo jealous . ’
20 The forms need to show the maximum possible numbers to include everyone on role at any time between January and December — please return them at or before the Reunion , but let us know verbally as soon as possible of any major changes — the office likes to give up to date information to enquirers .
21 He concludes that ‘ the people who should know most about the problem often do n't recognise it ’ .
22 ‘ Who employed there would know most about Hauser 's day-to-day work , the orders he gives ? ’
23 But Rodriguez wanted to know right away .
24 We do need to know rather more about her background than our own records apparently give us . ’
25 Since a large number of locations were needed for this study it was decided to use locations which none of the subjects were likely to know rather than stimuli filmed in the Cambridge area which would differ in the degree of previous familiarity subjects had with them .
26 To know properly to mix them in planting is another matter of painting with living pencils , for greens properly disposed throw in a mixture of contrasts of lights and shades which wonderfully enliven the pictures and which insensibly strike the senses with wonder and delight .
27 Terry eagerly gave me the whole picture ; he seemed to know enough about Pyke to write his biography .
28 There are many people , though , who can not bear to delve too deeply into this vast and painful subject , although they are anxious to know enough about it to enable them to act wisely when called upon to support and console a relative who has suffered a major loss .
29 Teachers themselves will need to know enough about language to use this knowledge confidently .
30 To be sure , his companions needed to know enough about him and his goals to perform effectively , but Malleus policy on the subject of Chaos and its minions was one of censorship .
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