Example sentences of "know [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Do you know Bo ?
2 It is helpful if the speaker has good articulation ( crisp consonants ) and is able to phrase sentences so that the key word or subject does not depend on a high frequency — for example , instead of saying ‘ Do you know Sussex ? ’ ( key word Sussex ) , they could say ‘ Have you been in this part of the world before ? ’
3 ‘ Did you know Mistress Hopkins was murdered ? ’
4 Martin sat down ; he had been wanting to get to know Sarah better for some time and this seemed like a good opportunity .
5 At least at the end we 'll know Gary 's life has n't been totally wasted . ’
6 He 'ate the English , but when he gets to know Perdita , ’ Alejandro smiled at her from under the peak of his cap , ‘ he will forgeeve . ’
7 ‘ I did not know Andrée was here ! ’
8 No one ever seemed to know William 's surname and he had a bizarre appearance at a time when smartness was highly valued .
9 Well they used , and it 's only that , I do n't know o get a lorry up on a Wednesday .
10 The Prince had come to know Van der Post in Kenya two years before , when he had been his guide on safari .
11 Students studying for PE2 need to understand both methods , but Intermediate students do not need to know differentiation .
12 Did you know Steiner ? ’
13 ‘ Do you know Kemp ? ’
14 Does he know Matt ?
15 ‘ He 's out looking for her , ’ Rachel replied , 'but he does n't know Times Square . ’
16 Members of the Western Front Association will know Colin McIntyre as the Association 's Press and Publicity Officer .
17 It is difficult to know Beatrice 's intention from her column .
18 He does n't know Mitch well enough to trust him to look after you . ’
19 I do n't know Ian , but I do know Joanna , and you could n't have a more loyal friend .
20 Do you know bike ?
21 ‘ You do n't know shit !
22 You do n't know shit . ’
23 I did n't know Tonya very well , but I wish her the best . ’
24 I say surprisingly because I happen to know Tod is n't squeamish .
25 Do you know Lane ?
26 you know they might as well go to the toilet at the same time and all this sort of stuff and yet a little bit of information about that , how long does it take to put together ? and various other things you know where 's the staff manual kept I mean when I joined , I did n't know purchase and this sort of stuff .
27 He did n't know lions and it was n't him had tae go inside the cage .
28 She did not know Edouard very well .
29 which , which goes to show that maybe the officer , er saying maybe , I 'm only throwing suggestions over there , cos I do n't know Shenfield
30 " Oh , do you know Nenna , then ? "
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