Example sentences of "do n't " in BNC.

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1 She sees I do n't understand .
2 They 'll never better Please Do n't Make Me Cry , and they know more about Neil Diamond 's Red Red Wine than he does .
3 Whatever you do do n't go charging down to Colchester they 'll have your guts for garters .
4 ‘ If you do n't want or do n't have time to haggle , ’ says Mr Latif , ‘ you should make sure you buy your carpet , your jewellery , or your woodwork from a fixed-price store .
5 Instead , he says : ‘ The team is good enough to stay up but whether we will I do n't know .
6 ‘ I hear the Churches do n't think very well of us . ’
7 Although warning signs shout at you not to cross these fragile constructions , as you 're bound to fall off and die and do n't say they did n't tell you so , you 'd have to be a boring old git not to want to do a balancing act over them for thrills .
8 And when she straightened up and went to take the key from the lock his hand was there before hers , and as he handed the key back to her , he said on a laugh , ‘ I see you do n't intend to be locked in from the outside . ’
9 ‘ Ah , see you do n't know . ’
10 I am sorry to be awkward , but I think you will see that these questions must be answered and if we are going to take extreme positions then we would have to do double the home work that the people do who do n't want to .
11 You can sit in front of me , and I 'll see you do n't fall off .
12 If she does n't I do n't know how much longer I can carry on .
13 Whatever you do do n't hurt yourself .
14 Of course the people who hear the singing do n't climb the Minster tower , but congregate outside their houses , in the streets or in their gardens .
15 Enjoy what you can do and do n't get too worried about what you ca n't .
16 However , one thing that is almost guaranteed is that if the things that you do do n't match up to the things that you say , your friends will soon point that out to you !
17 Many of the kids who are out there making music do n't necessarily want a record deal .
18 do do n't
19 I then expect I will be tortured , and if they see I do n't die they will poison me .
20 One might avoid the objection , following R. M. Hare , by interpreting ‘ You do n't want to be sick ’ as itself prescriptive , a logical imperative equivalent to ‘ Do n't get sick ’ disguised by the grammatically indicative form .
21 Later , comedians adapted the words to ‘ Do n't go down the mine , Daddy , there 's plenty coal in the cellar ’ .
22 But whatever you do do n't miss the amazing Gorge du Verdon , a European version of the Grand Canyon where the river wends between 500-metre cliffs .
23 We need every handsome new face we can grab– do n't we , Alec ? ’
24 ‘ See he 's able to breathe and do n't move him , ’ I said , to no-one in particular pulling off my hat before half-diving , half-crawling , into the upturned car .
25 We need a reprieve and closing guests The Australian Stooges see we do n't get one .
26 ‘ There are things we ca n't yet contemplate doing because even if we did we do n't have the processing power to take advantage of them . ’
27 Anybody wishing if anybody wishes to ring me anyone I 'm not I 'm not you see I do n't see that serves any purpose I 'm sorry I do not think that serves any purpose if you wish to ring me outside this meeting
28 See I do n't know what
29 Cumbre Flamenca at The Dome 21 & 22 May DO N'T MISS … the colourful Cumbre Flamenca — flamboyant , energetic flamenco dance company in vivid , traditional costume .
30 ‘ If there 's anything you need do n't hesitate to ask . ’
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