Example sentences of "do [vb infin] " in BNC.

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1 Although at one point Lear is willing to return to Goneril , since she seems to be allowing him fifty knights , Regan only twenty-five , so that ‘ Thy fifty yet doth double five-and-twenty , /And thou art twice her love ’ ( II.iv.260ff. ) — a quantification of love that would be comic were its effects not so awful — Lear becomes enraged by the two of them , and prefers ‘ To wage against the enmity o ’ th' air' than live with them .
2 Doth prowl , and round and round from door to door
3 Doth earn their money by taking of hard pains . ’
4 Unlike Descartes , who felt the need to prove their existence , and Malebranche , who was certain he could not , Locke simply had no doubt that material things existed and caused our ideas : ‘ The actual receiving of ideas from without … makes us know , that something doth exist at that time without us , which causes that idea in us . ’
5 In 87 ( ‘ Farewell — Thou art too dear for my possessing ’ ) the Friend 's inconstancy and betrayal are excused as a simple error of judgement : Here , though , Shakespeare is not content to let the irony stand , for the couplet , with its sarcastic double-rhyme , dispels both illusion and self-deception : ‘ Thus have I had thee as a dream doth flatter — /In sleep a king , but waking no such matter . ’
6 vii , ‘ One woe doth tread upon another 's heel ’ , DS 61 .
7 Approach , ye sons of Wisdom , and rejoice : let us now rejoice together ; for the reign of death is finished and the son doth rule ; he is invested in the scarlet garment , and the purple is put on .
8 Doth glance from heaven to earth , from earth to heaven ;
9 The poet 's eyes ( according to Shakespeare 's Theseus ) " in a fine frenzy rolling , doth glance from heaven to earth , from earth to heaven " .
10 Some woman doth fall out bitterly with her neighbour ; there followeth some great hurt … .
11 And Mary said , ‘ My soul doth magnify the Lord , and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour .
12 You may do in the dark what the day doth forbid ;
13 Whose fiendful fortune may exhort the wise Only to wonder at unlawful things , Whose deepness doth entice such forward wits , To practise more than heavenly power permits .
14 ‘ Sayeth the protector — and pray God he may be a protector ! — that the king doth lack a playfellow ? ’
15 They consume , destroy , and devour whole fields , houses and cities For look in what parts of the realm doth grow the finest and dearest wool , there noblemen and gentlemen , yea and certain abbots … leave no ground for tillage .
16 Doth not the good father in short time , either by his coughing or spitting or testiness … become troublesome either to his own son or to his nice daughter-in-law , with continuing so long chargeable and so much waited-on , or to the children , with taking up their room at the fire or at the table , or to the servants , while his slow eating doth scant their reversions ?
17 One description of the typical witch declares as highly suspect ‘ women which be commonly old , lame , blear-eied , pale , fowle and full of wrinkles ; poore , sullen , superstitious , and papists ; or such as knowe no religion : in whose drousie minds the divell doth goten a fine seat ’ .
18 And may at last my weary age find out the peaceful hermitage , the hairy gown and mossy sill where I may sit and rightly spell of every star that heaven doth show , and every herb that sips the dew , till old experience do attain to something like prophetic strain . ’
19 ‘ How smart a lash that speech doth give my conscience ! ’ he might say , with Claudius ( Hamlet , II.i.150 ) .
20 By that sweet ornament which truth doth give !
21 The last ten days gradually it has been coming back since the really trough period in late January with the war and the snow , etc. , and in fact this week erm we 're expecting this week to probably do double the level of bookings that we did last week , and that 's on overseas holidays for summer and winter .
22 And I 'd I do think it 's possible erm with help for people both sides have a partnership to change you know if we take an honest look at ourselves .
23 If that 's in the question , then do compare and do contrast .
24 John even goes as far as to boast that The Borrowers is breaking new ground : ‘ In fact , some of the things we can now do make the special effects in Star Wars look prehistoric . ’
25 That rarity , an album without a filler — admire every aspect as Owens finger-flicks his way through the Stax-happy , gospel croons on a couple of things Sam Cooke would have loved to wrap his larynx around , and opts for the more brooding approach on the let's do crunch of ‘ Why You Treat Me This Way ? ’ — ‘ Blues Soul ’ is remarkable not only for the performance of its outfront star , but also for that of the Pete Wingfield-led back-up squad , which nary places a quaver in the wrong place , along with Mike Vernon 's knowing production .
26 I 'll go and do want anything ?
27 Said , you better do mate !
28 To assess the state of organic maturity in the thrust province properly we need do know three main things : the geometry of the thrust sheets including the present thickness of rocks of different ages , the amount of pre-Mesozoic erosion , and past geothermal gradients .
29 He insisted he had not abdicated , but what should he do know ? *q Before any advice could given , at least by the British the Shah and Soraya flew on to Rome — perhaps because King Faisal was embarrassed by his presence in Baghdad and perhaps because the Shah thought they would be sager and more comfortable in the Italian capital .
30 What 's he do know ?
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