Example sentences of "do [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Although at one point Lear is willing to return to Goneril , since she seems to be allowing him fifty knights , Regan only twenty-five , so that ‘ Thy fifty yet doth double five-and-twenty , /And thou art twice her love ’ ( II.iv.260ff. ) — a quantification of love that would be comic were its effects not so awful — Lear becomes enraged by the two of them , and prefers ‘ To wage against the enmity o ’ th' air' than live with them .
2 Doth prowl , and round and round from door to door
3 Doth earn their money by taking of hard pains . ’
4 Unlike Descartes , who felt the need to prove their existence , and Malebranche , who was certain he could not , Locke simply had no doubt that material things existed and caused our ideas : ‘ The actual receiving of ideas from without … makes us know , that something doth exist at that time without us , which causes that idea in us . ’
5 In 87 ( ‘ Farewell — Thou art too dear for my possessing ’ ) the Friend 's inconstancy and betrayal are excused as a simple error of judgement : Here , though , Shakespeare is not content to let the irony stand , for the couplet , with its sarcastic double-rhyme , dispels both illusion and self-deception : ‘ Thus have I had thee as a dream doth flatter — /In sleep a king , but waking no such matter . ’
6 vii , ‘ One woe doth tread upon another 's heel ’ , DS 61 .
7 Approach , ye sons of Wisdom , and rejoice : let us now rejoice together ; for the reign of death is finished and the son doth rule ; he is invested in the scarlet garment , and the purple is put on .
8 Doth glance from heaven to earth , from earth to heaven ;
9 The poet 's eyes ( according to Shakespeare 's Theseus ) " in a fine frenzy rolling , doth glance from heaven to earth , from earth to heaven " .
10 Some woman doth fall out bitterly with her neighbour ; there followeth some great hurt … .
11 And Mary said , ‘ My soul doth magnify the Lord , and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour .
12 You may do in the dark what the day doth forbid ;
13 Whose fiendful fortune may exhort the wise Only to wonder at unlawful things , Whose deepness doth entice such forward wits , To practise more than heavenly power permits .
14 ‘ Sayeth the protector — and pray God he may be a protector ! — that the king doth lack a playfellow ? ’
15 They consume , destroy , and devour whole fields , houses and cities For look in what parts of the realm doth grow the finest and dearest wool , there noblemen and gentlemen , yea and certain abbots … leave no ground for tillage .
16 Doth not the good father in short time , either by his coughing or spitting or testiness … become troublesome either to his own son or to his nice daughter-in-law , with continuing so long chargeable and so much waited-on , or to the children , with taking up their room at the fire or at the table , or to the servants , while his slow eating doth scant their reversions ?
17 One description of the typical witch declares as highly suspect ‘ women which be commonly old , lame , blear-eied , pale , fowle and full of wrinkles ; poore , sullen , superstitious , and papists ; or such as knowe no religion : in whose drousie minds the divell doth goten a fine seat ’ .
18 And may at last my weary age find out the peaceful hermitage , the hairy gown and mossy sill where I may sit and rightly spell of every star that heaven doth show , and every herb that sips the dew , till old experience do attain to something like prophetic strain . ’
19 ‘ How smart a lash that speech doth give my conscience ! ’ he might say , with Claudius ( Hamlet , II.i.150 ) .
20 By that sweet ornament which truth doth give !
21 It will not do to paint Themistokles as Kimon 's opponent on the issue of foreign policy principles — that is , as a medising Sparta-hater — and thereby to seek to explain his ostracism in 471 : it is now certain that very many ostraka were cast against him in the early 480s when his patriotism was not in question .
22 Support refers to anything which is said or done to help the offender solve or mitigate their personal or social problems : surveillance to anything which is said or done to induce the offender to conform to socially acceptable standards of behaviour .
23 This was in my judgment , an offer of a warranty … as to the state of the title , and it was done to induce him to exchange .
24 I am extremely pleased to hear about the interest in our English qualifications in Poland and if here is anything further that we can do to support your endeavours please do not hesitate to contact me .
25 For details of what you can do to support these sisters contact the Palestinian Women 's Group , c/o 21 Collingham Road , London SWS ONU .
26 They 're smart , the place is well maintained , and I think anything we can do to support the general thing there , and certainly the Ottery youth there is , is , is money well spent .
27 Anything that you can do to support the D E C appeal for Africa will be more than welcome .
28 There 's also information about the International Ecumenical Fellowship which is something that you as an individual can do to support ecumenical work .
29 The last ten days gradually it has been coming back since the really trough period in late January with the war and the snow , etc. , and in fact this week erm we 're expecting this week to probably do double the level of bookings that we did last week , and that 's on overseas holidays for summer and winter .
30 Nothing , however , had been done to implement the proposals when , in March 1778 , the French signed a treaty of friendship with the Americans .
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