Example sentences of "that you " in BNC.

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1 After every client visit you are asked to call the office so that you can report how the visit went .
2 If you 're worried that you 've recently take a risk , go to the special STD clinic at your local hospital .
3 You will also be asked to sign a Certificate of Deduction of Tax once a year confirming that you are a UK taxpayer .
4 You may in fact find that you do pay some tax in the UK .
5 However , it can be possible for the documents to be signed after you have sent a payment by cheque provided that you arrange for us to hold the cheque and not pay it into the bank until we have received the signed Deed of Covenant .
6 But , unless you are considering a particularly large donation , it is unlikely that you would need to include any complicated form of wording .
7 You also need to bear in mind that you may have other payments under existing deeds of covenant or other payments made under Gift Aid in the same tax year , and you will need to have a taxable income at least equal to the gross amount of all these payment , as well as the Gift Aid payment being contemplated , otherwise you will have to account to the Revenue for some tax .
8 Likewise , if you wished to make a single gift to ACET of less than £600 then — assuming that you are a taxpayer — you can enable ACET to get the benefit of tax relief by the same Deposited Covenant arrangement .
9 You may in fact find that you do pay some tax in the UK If you have dividends or receive bank or building society interest on which tax has been paid , tax will have beed deducted at source , and this will enable you to sign a Certificate so that ACET can obtain the advantages of the Gift Aid scheme .
10 And £400 of tax can be saved for every £1,000 that you give .
11 This means that you can decide on your own care support .
12 I hope that you might be able to continue to help our patients in this manner . ’
13 Please write courteous letters to the heads of the governments indicated — and let us know of any replies that you receive .
14 Tell the King that you are concerned about the case of Mohamed Srifi , currently in Kenitra Central Prison , Casablanca , who was arrested in 1974 , tortured , brought to trial in 1977 and jailed for 30 years after a blatantly unfair trial .
15 Tell the President that you have read about their case , that their trial was unfair — even the Appeal Court agrees on this — and ask that they are released immediately .
16 Tell the President that you have not forgotten about Wang Xizhe and other Pro-Democracy Movement activists who are still jail for the peaceful exercise of their right to freedom of expression .
17 Tell the President that you have read about Abd Al-Ru'uf 's allegation that he was tortured , and about his lawyer 's complaint .
18 I remember when I first met you at the house of terror ; what you gave me , all that you gave me .
19 ‘ I received the materials that you sent . ’
20 So high that you could see everything .
21 She 'd say , moreover , that you could always get out of a boat and go ashore , but from that height you could only crash .
22 Patrick held both hands up in a gesture of peace , he smiled for a moment ; I 'm no trying to get at you personally but I just fucking feel that you cant expect the teacher to be the everything , the heavyweight boxing champion of the world .
23 It is also important that you try and evaluate the dramatic experience of these different forms of presentation — this is worthwhile , because it will make you think about the different ways in which an actor can work and the various ways in which his skills are used .
24 As you become interested in film acting it is likely that you will also become interested in film making , for the actor 's work depends so much on the technical decisions of the director and editor .
25 It 's very important that you read widely , both novels and playscripts , and do n't just confine yourself to an exam syllabus .
26 I recommend that you read Hare 's trilogy The History Plays , which include Knuckle , Licking Hitler and Plenty — and perhaps his earlier play Teeth 'n' Smiles .
27 Application for a grant should be made at the same time as the application for an audition in order that you can be sure of your position should you be fortunate enough to be offered a place .
28 This used to be a lot easier to do than it is now : for one thing , working in the profession means that you have to belong to the actors ' union , Equity .
29 If you can afford to , it 's generally best to spread your auditions around the drama schools so that you are seen more than once .
30 The question of selection is very personal ; after all , what makes you choose the character that you are going to do ?
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