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1 But Mr Kinnock stressed in his speech that given the inevitable and unprecedented ‘ mess ’ which would be left behind by Mrs Thatcher , a Labour government would have to set — and unflinchingly stick to — four basic priorities .
2 ‘ I 'd have to say that given the change of government they ought to have a very good chance of preventing us assisting Huerter .
3 It is our belief that given the deterrent , given the robust faith on the part of the free world in the strength of their institutions , and given continued growth of NATO 's defensive power , global war can be prevented .
4 It is sufficient to say that in broad definition the former term applies to the language used up to the twelfth century , and the latter that given to the language between the twelfth and the fifteenth , when Modern English started to emerge .
5 THEY 'VE been making room for murder at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre , Guildford this week , and proved that given the right stage , crime certainly does pay .
6 Exasperated , I told her that given his behaviour , it was far more likely that her son would bite my dog !
7 His antipathy to cowardice was such that given the choice between cowardice and violence he would choose violence .
8 ‘ Out came the most perfect rendering I had ever heard , ’ said Coghill , ‘ except that given a short while before by John Gielgud in his Haymarket Hamlet .
9 John Finnis criticizes positivists for attributing to natural law thinking a wholly deductive methodology such that given the fundamental principle as major premise and a statement of fact as minor premise the one right answer pops out auto-matically .
10 There is at least a possibility that given the opportunity to reconsider their votes a majority of voters would have chosen Camel .
11 I think that given that University work is supposed to encourage intellectual activity at the highest level of which any individual is capable it is very important to increase motivation by allowing those individuals to proceed at their own pace and to establish their cognitive frames as and when they feel capable of doing so .
12 As we will show in subsequent chapters observation is an important tool in evaluation in general ( i.e. outside of the context of teacher appraisal ) , but it is likely that given the context of contractual obligations and salary enhancement , teacher appraisal will not form part of school evaluation .
13 To conclude that the potential for peasant revolution against the status quo remained undiminished in the decade after 1905 does not of course , dispose of the liberal contention that given a longer period of peaceful development the prospects would have changed .
14 The support of the staff and their willingness to adjust their provision and their reaction , clearly demonstrates that given the proper approach teachers are in both principle and practice more willing to review their methods and sustain alternatives than is usually acknowledged .
15 I think that given that you were er , you could n't find the basic book that you were expected to read , I thought you , you gave an excellent account of it , I mean , if you had n't told us that you had n't got the book , I do n't think we would have guessed , would we ?
16 I make the observation that given the Opposition 's effort to determine the Government 's view two or three years from now , I can only conclude that Opposition Members expect us to be in government after the next general election .
17 I believe that given the potential field to whom we circulated details , over 65 UK companies alone , that this level of response is not unreasonable .
18 They pointed out that given the firm 's investment policy , the dividend decision is really a decision about how to finance the investment policy .
19 The leaders try to reconcile these contradictory tendencies by arguing that given the freedom of choice , the masses will want a technical expert over a political ideologue .
20 I think I 'm making my point , I have been saying for some time now that given the fact that all that security has n't produced the results , the logic of that is dialogue , and when I see the opportunity as I saw it , of dialogue , direct dialogue with Mr Addams that could lead to a total cessation of this violence , I felt it was my duty to do so .
21 Bearing in mind that given a choice between the use of rail and car , the question of cost necessarily will come into that equation .
22 It occurs to me , for example , that given that all we 've heard this afternoon about the fact that a new settlement and again I 'm playing devil 's advocate , that if it were possible to build onto an existing settlement the quality of life of those who lived in the new settlement might in fact be better than if they were , to put it crudely , finding themselves in the middle of a field .
23 This supports the view expressed , for example , by Professor McCloskey and derived from economic theory that given the constant labour demand of the war period , the poor-relief system could not have resulted both in falling wages and in falling amounts of labour .
24 Nor is it unreasonable to assume that given a sufficient respite they hoped that Britain 's own nuclear force might become strong enough to act as a deterrent to a Soviet attack on the home islands .
25 I would n't call last season debacle making the right decisions , my own personal opinion of him is that he was the right manager to get us out of the second divsion , but I feel that given the players and money avail able to him he maybe could have done better .
26 It seems to me that given that you have a southern bypass , there could be an argument for saying , if we had a northern inner relief road , that northern inner relief road together with a southern bypass , could perform some of the functions of the western relief road .
27 I would suggest to you that given that and also the wording in the justification under the old Policy E three , that in fact you could hardly get a tissue paper between this policy that is now before you and the previous policy .
28 I would suggest that given the decision we prepared to make now even if you have to send a deposit get the local party to stump up the deposit and collect the money as soon as convenient from the people who are committed to going .
29 What I 'm arguing for tonight is that given that we 've relatively recent boundary change , the people have just about got used to it , so by and large er it does n't seem to have huge numbers of demerits as far as the city is concerned and that we are now very , very close , as close as is possible to the norm for the average constituency size that we actually endorse the boundary commissions proposals and leave well alone and the second part of the motion merely says to a neighbouring authority , y'know , please in some senses be punctilious about not to suddenly decide to poke your noses into something way beyond your it 's not just a couple of parishes on the south boundary , a couple of parishes from from the north of their but actually way to our area but what candidly I can only see as a rather partisan er er
30 He knows we have always been of the view that given the limited resources that the best cost effective use of those resources would be to merge the administration .
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