Example sentences of "it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 For the first time , Jane became aware of anti-Semitism , and it horrified her .
2 It horrified her to hear her own voice screaming at her husband for his indolence but she could not help herself .
3 It horrified her to think how foolish she had been and she could only excuse herself on the grounds that she had suffered some kind of fit .
4 It horrified Brian to think of Celia hypnotised by some guru who would try to drag things out of her which might not even have been correct .
5 It horrified the Council 's more conservative wing for , despite all protestations that it was complementary to and not contradictory of Vatican I 's teaching on papal primacy , it did inevitably suggest a remarkably different overall understanding of how the Church should be governed .
6 The moon was low now and the light , wherever it slanted through the trees , seemed thicker , older and more yellow .
7 It petrifies the governess and she gets into an acute state of anxiety .
8 The substitution is thus not only inherently costly , but it evokes increased demand or , if you like , creates increased need .
9 It is a marvellous yarn , and it evokes quite brilliantly both the atmosphere of the House of Commons and the motives of men seeking political power .
10 This response is not directly equated with the OR or any component of it ; rather it is an hypothetical construct evidenced in behaviour by its effect on the rate of conditioning — the associability of a stimulus is determined by the magnitude of the attentional response it evokes .
11 Although he has travelled the world , Edinburgh and the family memories it evokes , are still profoundly important to Graeme Souness .
12 This means that their relatedness to their organization can be construed as being infantile-like in that it evokes relationships reminiscent of childhood .
13 The boundary-maintaining function , as stated by Erikson , says that crime and the response it evokes provide the essential function of defining and maintaining the moral boundaries of society .
14 Crime is seen as only identifiable by the discouraging response it evokes .
15 Chapter 6 explores the construction of the category of the homosexual , important both as an illustration of the wider tendencies of sexual categorisation at work , and as an illustration of a specific sexual experience , and the efforts at social organisation and regulation it evokes .
16 It evokes the wonder and richness of creation from formlessness to teeming life .
17 Lastly , our perception of the truth of discourse is also a comparison of the schemata it evokes — its assumptions — and our own .
18 The backing of the union is not only important because of the information and clerical services it provides to strikers applying for supplementary benefit , but also , perhaps , because it evokes a more sympathetic treatment from the supplementary benefit officers .
19 It is wrong ; it evokes a false conceptual model .
20 At the least , the city is regarded as unappealing ; at the worst , it evokes a loathing which can be as unkind as it is jaundices .
21 In other words Braque is in effect saying ‘ My picture is an object , a flat surface , and the spatial sensations it evokes are a painter 's space which is intended to inform and not to deceive . ’
22 The denotation may be the same ( both Orcadian and Ethiopian would recognise the water falling from the sky ) but the connotation — the feelings and values it evokes — would be very different .
23 In others however it evokes the opposite impression of the event actually being realized , as in : ( 4 ) He managed to get free .
24 A better characterization of the meaning of the bare infinitive structure in these uses is that it evokes " helping " as direct or active involvement in the bringing into being of the action denoted by the infinitive .
25 It evokes a fact , i.e. an object of conception , rather than an object of perception .
26 This suggests that make expresses antecedent causation , since it evokes a process of causation giving rise to a state of affairs that comes into being only at the end of the process .
27 In ( 1 ) above this gives rise to an impression of a prospective event , of a desire or longing on the part of the speaker to realize the action denoted by the infinitive , so that the to infinitive produces basically the same sort of impression in this first type of exclamation as in He struggled to get free : it evokes a prospective non-realized event .
28 Of particular interest is the recurrence , amid abstract patterns , of an affective ornament known as the chute , which Campra had earlier associated with flute timbre and ornamented , French-style melody in Alcine to depict enchantment : it evokes the sighing of lovers whom the sorceress has turned into trees ( Act 2 , scene 1 ) and the music heard in Alcine 's Labyrinth of Love ( Act 3 , scene 1 ) .
29 And you can just pull it so that it flattens .
30 It tumbled against the German mark — ending perilously close to its critical floor in the Exchange Rate Mechanism .
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