Example sentences of "to [be] " in BNC.

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1 Some newcomers have been indifferent to the sensibilities of the local population ; others , as we shall see , have been oversensitive to what they believe the needs of the village to be-In each case the effect has been the same : members of the former occupational community , faced with an invasion of ‘ their ’ village by outsiders , have tended to retreat in upon themselves and form a community within a community , cutting themselves off from the separate world of the newcomers .
2 Whether Evert has , in fact , bowed out from the sport she has graced for two decades remains to been seen .
3 The violence appears to been started by an offensive against the UDF by Zulu warlords which began in the early hours of Saturday morning .
4 Or with a bretherhed to been withhold .
5 The prototype and test-bed for the new approach was to been seen first in some of the New Towns , particularly Harlow , where the design of the neighbourhood units provided a classic model to follow .
6 The assistant finance officer with the Western Board — the first to been hoped the payroll personnel system would be operational in all boards by 1989 , so a three to four year delay has occurred .
7 Of course the answer is changing the myth would have made Moses Hebrew and not Egyptian , because if Moses had been the daughter of Pharaoh he would had to been Egyptian and that the Hebrews could n't tolerate because at a later stage their religion became strongly ethnic and racially divided , you really got to be born Jewish to be Jewish , so they could n't tolerate their , their founding fathers of not being anything but Jewish , so they altered it , they changed the records and they falsified the myth , but they left this glaring inconsistency in it , so the myth is no longer it 's er rewritten and this is one of the little bits of evidence and now of course erm if you do n't take psychoanalyst insights into the family romance seriously , that may not cut much ice for you , but if you erm appreciate the force of these unconscious stereotypes in creating this like this , it 's cert it 's a quite potent piece of evidence because you think well why should the , the Bible change the myth , why ca n't it just put up with the normal myth .
8 Recounting the history of Bilmarsh farm , Gough observed : ‘ Nathaniell Reve had a desire to been tenant of this farme , because his grandfather and father had been tenants to it before ’ .
9 But there is one more role we have to play if we are to been seen as a socially responsible company , setting standards for the industry within the society in which we operate .
10 In the paper I saw they were supposed to been at Bury but they played Bilston , Bedford
11 Those who pursue comparisons of the kind I am referring to are likely to be impressed by the staying-power of a literary preoccupation to which a variety of temperaments and compulsions has been attracted , and could well be inclined to believe that Pechorin 's duel and indifference may have been among the precedents that weighed , a century later , with a woman bent on contriving her appointment with destiny .
12 As Leonard commented in Police Gazette , ‘ I 'd rather sleep with ashes than with priestly wisdom , ’ which has even more point when we understand that the ashes referred to are those of the victims of the Holocaust .
13 The other group of music papers which aspiring acts should look to are those catering to some very specific style and its devoted audience .
14 The institutions that the finance director talks to are chosen on the basis of detailed share-register research , rather than who is free for lunch .
15 Quite frankly , I need a guide because otherwise all I 'll be listening to are my hopes and fears and desires . ’
16 All the shoeshiners you 've said ‘ Mañana ’ to are waiting for you .
17 The shoes they invariable look to are racing flats .
18 The more obvious skinhead hits that Harry Hawke refers to are listed as follows , complied by Nick Knight …
19 The waters to pay particular attention to are the ones which have produced bream in the past , even big bags of medium-sized fish , but have produced nothing like it in recent years .
20 The sites referred to are given in Fig. 7.6 .
21 The principles that the therapist and patient should adhere to are as follows .
22 We all have habits that we are aware of , but the habits that Alexander referred to are below our level of consciousness .
23 What I principally object to are all our dreary , smug books about growing up and coming to terms with oneself , that … are merely another brand of conformity … .
24 People worth talking to are : Doctor Mortem , Reverend Wrinklebottom and Mr Dingle .
25 Those special events are treats that we save up for look forward to are also subject to the ravages of inflation .
26 ‘ Guitarists I listen to are classical and pseudo jazz-classical players .
27 However , in this instance you do the company a disservice , since the harmoniser patches you refer to are intended to work this way .
28 Then comes the fun of making the pattern — and do make sure that the dimensions you are going to work to are for the full pattern and not the kite frame shape .
29 When we talk about black holes , what we are really referring to are these gravitational fields .
30 Notice that although this reads as ‘ sliding the lace carriage for ten rows ’ , this is a brief way of saying ‘ move the lace carriage to the right and back , knit two rows , repeat from to five times ’ , the rows referred to are the knit rows , since the movement of the lace carriage never constitutes a row .
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