Example sentences of "have been " in BNC.

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1 You ca n't imagine how much of a help you 've been to me .
2 She would 've been all fat there once , and a baby growing inside of her .
3 I rub my face quick so she do n't see I 've been crying .
4 It 's my fault really , cos the window should 've been open .
5 I should 've said that to Marie — I reckon that would 've been OK .
6 It 's lucky I was n't in the water then floating , cos that would 've been dangerous with that boat going past .
7 Even the soldiers in the field must 've been thoroughly sick of all those whining pieces about Our Boys and Girls , and their mail , or the endlessly recycled nonsense about how hard it was to be a female soldier in Saudi Arabia .
8 Drivers must 've been celebrating too .
9 ‘ You must 've been crazy ! ’ she told herself .
10 Jackson must 've been under the effects of the anaesthetic after a nose job to come out with something so bad .
11 D' you remember I showed you a manuscript — it must 've been some years ago , now — purporting to be by some mariner who remembered an English cargo boat having gone down between us , here at Møn , and Malmo — during the First Schleswig War ?
12 Betinna said , ‘ I hear you 've been a hero . ’
13 ‘ Should 've been you , ’ Hoomey said .
14 It would 've been awful if they 'd found my things in the car . ’
15 I see I 've been slipping up a bit . ’
16 Oh , we 'd 've been tête a tête yet
17 So , she starts quizzing me and I start nattering on about the bloody Brontes — I think Mrs Fleming must 've been really intelligent when she was young , honest-to-god she was firing them at me faster than Bamber Gascoigne , she says to me : ‘ And tell me , Karen , how are you going to deal with the themes of Repressed Sexuality in the Brontes ' work ? ’
18 ‘ 'Ll 've been emptied . ’
19 I 'm coming up a hill near some kind of huge church or cathedral — there must 've been a service or a concert going on because people are pouring out — one of them 's singing a high trill and her boyfriend 's cross : ‘ Please , Miranda !
20 ‘ You had them all the time — you trailed me round — you bloody filthy lying bastard — you poked my head into every shit-bin in Bristol — you led me up hill and down dale till my feet were dropping off — you made me steal some people 's boat — I could 've been got by the police — I might be festering in jail now — handcuffed — criminal — you do n't care , you 're criminal anyway — I would n't be surprised if you 'd murdered half a dozen innocent people and cut them up and kept their pieces stashed away in the hole where you 've been hiding my bag and my things and my money and my dreams … ’
21 I said , ‘ What I told you before — you were dreaming , you must 've been dreaming , you know .
22 She 'd 've been lying on Spanish beaches with her eyes tight shut knowing that every Spanish boy who passed would fancy her .
23 ‘ Pa would 've been livid with me for getting pregnant , and he would n't want his precious fiddle going to pay for anything to do with it . ’
24 ‘ It should 've been with the batch of papers given .
25 If he 'd been convinced , he would 've been the first to nab the Cap'n .
26 Carlo and McGowan stood on either side of the embalmer , he might 've been in custody .
27 He woke on top of her , she might 've been a beach , he might 've been abandoned there by waves .
28 He woke on top of her , she might 've been a beach , he might 've been abandoned there by waves .
29 Those things should n't 've been there , for some reason they 'd infuriated him .
30 The tourist might 've been cake .
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