Example sentences of "have just " in BNC.

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1 Maggie , in between numbers at a rock concert , talks to Laura about the young student who has just made love to her .
2 He has just broken one of his records deliberately and is on his knees picking up the pieces as he talks to himself .
3 Her recent television credits include leads in the series Buccaneer , The Professionals , The Consultant , Into the Labyrinth , Lytton 's Diary , Magnum , Seagull Island , and her film credits include The First Great Train Robbery , The Bitch , Morecambe and Wise 's Night Train to Murder , Miss Moneypenny in Never Say Never Again , Universal City , After Darkness , and she has just completed Salome , playing Herodias .
4 Britain has just eight statutory days off .
5 The hotel has just completed its first year of operation , which it celebrated with a month-long daily cake-cutting ceremony .
6 YOUR computer has just broken down .
7 The company has just added Flute Penne — ridged tubes which are ideal for trapping sauces — and Conchiglie Tricolore ( shells ) to its range .
8 ‘ Oh , sorry to disturb you both , ’ he said , warily , ‘ but someone from the Senate has just rung up , Charles .
9 Age Concern England 's briefing paper , Pensioner organisations in England , has just been revised .
10 The sentences must have a rise and full , an ability to flow onwards with pauses for breath , like full stops , or a moment 's silence for the onlookers to assess what has just been stated and to understand its purpose and place in the design before the dance continues .
11 That other well known Peak raider , Ben Moon , the real king o'Crookrise , has just repeated Jerry Moffatt 's testpiece of last year , Liquid Amber at L.P.T , confirming grade and quality .
12 My youngest girl has just been operated on and I could n't believe she only had two stitches .
13 He has just walked out into a spectacular summer storm .
14 Porfiry 's words have a heightened transpersonal effect because Svidrigailov has just told Raskolnikov the same thing .
15 Raskolnikov uses the blade of his axe on her , whereas he has just used the back of it on the older woman , crushing her skull .
16 Industry is in no position to undertake a surcharge on its costs , and will probably reply , as it has just done on the question of arts funding , that industrial sponsorship is a supplement to government funding : it is not available as a substitute for it .
17 All three do their best under Penny Ciniewicz 's rather heavy-handed direction , but they can not beat a first play that has just got too much to say .
18 If you are at all normal , you bypass the urge to throttle him , or to shake him by the head and shout : ‘ What 's that got to do with anything ? ’ , and find yourself nodding in agreement as if he has just proved something .
19 She sits at the marriage banquet , apparently in a cafe , and the harlequin has just presented her with a bouquet .
20 This seems to be the view of Lord Donaldson , that truly sagacious Master of the Rolls , who has just called for a new corps of paralegal ‘ civil justices ’ to get people like me off the hook .
21 Inside the man-made cavern , located 100ft up the side of a cliff , an archaeological survey team found a hastily-written message recording that ‘ Joezer ( the priest ) has just been killed ( or wounded ) .
22 He said the parish , which has just 100 people on the electoral roll , would have been swamped by the new town .
23 INTERVIEW / Academician in peril : John Cale , Velvet Underground graduate , has just written an orchestral suite .
24 Motoring : The soaring triumph of the exotic Stag : Blow all your savings on a rare classic convertible which has just started to show a major rise in value , says Roger Bell
25 I was banned , however , not because I am a convicted criminal , I think — like the unfortunate Simon Hayward — but because I wanted to wear a false nose out of consideration for the feeling of my associate , Mark Chapman , who , as I explained last week , has just had an inch and a half lopped off his .
26 The BEC has just doubled the amounts covered by its scheme .
27 MARYSE BOXER designs simple but beautiful tableware and has just added ‘ Dorado ’ , with simple gold leaf decoration to her collection .
28 Her latest book The Truth about Lorin Jones ( Abacus , £3.99 ) has just been published in paperback .
29 She invites me into the living room , pours me a coffee , sits down beside me , slips her shoes off and groans about the working day she has just been through .
30 At least those present will have the comforting knowledge that they will be voting on the future of a team which has just ascended the summit of the Scottish Second Division , although that must be considered more of a Ben Nevis than an Everest of the football world .
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