Example sentences of "have time " in BNC.

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1 The problem of criticising the work in exhibiting societies ' shows is how little space is made available in newspapers for its coverage ; the critic has time to mention a painter or a sculptor , make a brief observation , and then passes on .
2 ‘ No one has time to attend to you .
3 It does not matter if the opponent steps out as long as your technique strikes home before the referee has time to stop the bout .
4 Elite performers often launch an attack as soon as the switch-change occurs , suddenly darting forwards with a powerful attack before the opponent has time to re-calculate your distance from him .
5 The former lorry driver is now busy exporting Krystom throughout Europe and his only regret is that he no longer has time to go fishing .
6 Political coverage on television necessarily promotes leaders because it usually has time for only one item per party .
7 After that the narrative has time only for Jacob .
8 The trainer believes he still has time to get Rodrigo de Triano back to peak fitness for the 2,000 Guineas but stresses that the colt will not take his place in the Classic if the ground softens up : ‘ If there is even a touch of soft , he wo n't run ; he needs to have it like a road . ’
9 Another woman , Virgo , marries Tycho , an astronomer , who has time for nothing lower than the stars and the planets .
10 It has time to dissolve minute quantities of minerals which can give it definite characteristics such as hardness or taste .
11 An Old English Sheepdog needing a minimum of an hour 's grooming a day sold to a mother of four children who barely has time to brush her own hair ?
12 When he has time to relax , he manages to put all that energy into enjoying himself .
13 He was told : ‘ We try to keep the panelling for three years , to get it thoroughly seasoned while other wood is dried artificially if required before it has time to get seasoned … we use chiefly mahogany , oak and walnut , a vast amount of teak — one of the most useful woods in railway construction — sycamore ; yellow deal for partitions , roofs and floors ; elm we find of very little use , but we are now very partial to Padouk wood [ from South Australia ] , though the workmen do n't like it much on account of its toughness ’ .
14 Secondly , the patient has time to develop confidence in staff members and other patients .
15 Suddenly she has time to think of herself , and this may be something of a shock .
16 Yet she still has time to nurture seedlings , shift earth , make new courtyards , make a rose tunnel along the old aisle and an arbour on the site of the high altar , and create more flowerbeds .
17 It is sometimes advantageous to cease continually pushing onwards ; by stopping one has time to relax and see what otherwise would have been missed , the colours of the machair , wild poppies , buttercups , clovers , yellow rattle , eyebrights and even common ragwort , a visit to Northton , the smell of peat fires , a silent deserted main street , an antiquated petrol pump , a seized up old tractor , overgrown gardens , derelict corrugated iron roofed buildings and one shop that was a shop no more , signs suggestive of better , more affluent times .
18 Besides , if done quickly enough , nothing has time to respond or to cover itself over , scared of a snatched soul bleeding dry .
19 Now he has time on his hands to reflect on a career which started so promisingly when he made his Worcestershire debut while still at Malvern College in 1982 , but never lived up to those aforementioned expectations simply because of injury .
20 During this time the patient has time to think about the latest piece of the jigsaw puzzle' and , in many cases , to meditate upon it .
21 She barely has time to recover before Nina Myskow breezes in with a smile that makes her look like a 10-year-old ( a ten-year-old Stilton , that is ) , hurls her customary , ‘ Hello , you old bag , ’ and her reflection kisses the air beside my cheek .
22 Not only this , the latest multi-function instruments can scan and monitor all engine conditions — oil T & P , CHT , OAT , etc. — and warn of any abnormality before it has time to result in damage .
23 But 30-year-old Rice has time in hand to erase both marks — then there really will be no doubt about who is the greatest .
24 Mr Taylor-Young also says that costs are basically the same as for an advisory service so unless the client has time and is very keen to be in charge , it is advisable to opt for discretionary management .
25 It makes you wonder if he ever has time for anything else .
26 CHRISTIE has time to raise his arms in triumph as he crosses the line for his 100-metres win — with clear daylight between him and the pack .
27 So ‘ Stated ’ has time to ooze menace from behind a barbed wire fence of a beat and the naggingly familiar sample that punctuates ‘ Imply The Calm ’ is allowed to weave its hypnotic spell .
28 And even now , as he never has time off for spending the twenty-something quid a week they 'll dish him for the one-hundred-and-twenty-hour stint he puts in most weeks , he could just afford a wife and kid .
29 Mr Major still has time to prove he has them .
30 John Sculley at Apple Computer Inc is another name that has been canvassed , and he is the exception that proves the rule that an outsider ca n't run a computer company , but he came in fascinated by the business and devoted all his efforts in the early days learning about it for himself rather than relying on his minions , something no-one taking over IBM now has time to do .
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