Example sentences of "have [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Once upon a time , thought Lydia , when I was in love with him , he would 've socked me for that .
2 See I , I personally in , in the past I would 've jumped on it and gone for it .
3 You feel good about the help you 've given perhaps , but you still wish the person would only ring when it 's essential .
4 It would 've given us another month to play with at least .
5 The controls are slow and unresponsive — let's face it , with the amount of platform beat-'em-ups around you 'd have thought the programmers would 've given a bit more care and attention to this aspect , not to mention the graphics , presentation … the game in general really .
6 I should 've given this some thought .
7 As a standalone machine I would 've given it a fourth star .
8 ‘ I 'd 've given it to you ; I was n't holding out .
9 Roger I 'd 've given it you a lot quicker if you 'd given me a list of jobs to work on .
10 His silence encouraged her to be even more frank , and , looking to where the moonlight caught the line of his strong jaw , she said , ‘ I know you appreciate the help I 've given by stepping in to take Stella 's place , and for that reason I doubt that you would give me the sack — or tell me to go .
11 Right , from Highgate has said if the good lord wanted cats to fly he would 've given them wings , it 's cruel doing things like that to animals .
12 It was , Be blessings on thee , I mean and may God bless you for the help you 've given me .
13 That money could have electrified railways that would 've given industry a chance to get its goods into Europe .
14 You had a choice of an eight or a three I had two jacks and a king you chose the three , the two turned up that would 've given you eight and a but you picked the three so that 'll give you more in the box as well an three hit your three hit your hand as well so
15 I mean they could 've given them a wee , a wee two bedroom around our w our way rightly .
16 Erm not any more I do n't I 've given them all away hello , are there any spare handouts in the room ?
17 Sorry that was squared yeah so the differential of that would 've given us twice er would have given us twice that .
18 no good it 's three times too much so he must have started off with X cubed over three and that would 've given us one third of three X squared
19 No but you were saying before that had it worked it would 've given them a problem .
20 see you 've given her the
21 Er I will have explained er er I certainly would 've explained on the phone that er part of the contract requires them to give us a list of prospective advertisers .
22 I should 've arranged it , now that I come to think of it .
23 I tell you , if I 'd have know what the content of the training was gon na be , I would 've arranged for our twelve crime prevention officers to go across there and listen to it , because there was a locksmith there that gave a lot of sound advice in relation to security of homes as well cars that really was good basic grounding for a crime prevention officer .
24 But at last with your help I 've conquered the cut and sew , I could give you all a hug .
25 " You must 've fainted ! " she claimed in awe .
26 I might 've guessed the worst when the scrum fell apart for me like the Red Sea .
27 ‘ I should 've guessed she could n't keep a secret .
28 that bloody dog last night I could 've wrung his neck , mm I could 've , he just did n't damn well stop
29 He must 've broken the other arm because the next day he had both arms in plaster .
30 ‘ Reagan , Hatch , Quayle , they would 've clapped you in jail in the old days . ’
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