Example sentences of "have [det] " in BNC.

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1 Oh you would n't go , well I would n't say that you could my father would 've half killed us
2 ‘ Why on earth has that happened ? ’
3 Has that mad Duke been blethering ?
4 Loud and tuneless , but has that ever been a problem before ?
5 The interior has that feeling of solidity normally associated with German-built cars .
6 Mr Heseltine obviously has that potential . ’
7 It also has that quintessentially Dutch quality : smallness .
8 Judit , at 13 tall for her age , with russet hair , has that capacity of early teenage of one minute seeming like a woman and the next like a small child .
9 Going into the studio — you have a record deal that says the record company pays for that — but has that contract been examined ?
10 He now brings an action in the High Court , in the course of which he gets an order for discovery , B is compelled to disclose the documents which he has that support A's case , and A may be allowed to administer interrogatories to B — questions in writing which B must answer also in writing but upon oath .
11 Go to Bethlehem today , and in spite of the unrest there , it has that undeniable atmosphere of prayer and sanctity poured into it by millions of pilgrims and visitors .
12 Love has that effect on us .
13 Kirishima is nothing like Dana , but he has that male charisma which makes me want to lie in his arms — I feel safer just gloating over his superb body on the television screen .
14 ‘ Not as laid back as LA , say , nor as vibrant as New York , but it has that curious mixture of the two that outsiders , as well as Dubliners , are drawn to .
15 Its ability to trickle along at three-figure revs is legendary , and it has that thumping great reserve of power if you need it .
16 He has that ingrained self-confidence most commonly attributed to the grandest old Etonians , although he failed to win a scholarship there and ended up at Charterhouse .
17 Again , the playing has that energy , that vocal quality which makes the music speak directly and movingly .
18 He manages the fairy-tale allusions with a light touch , although some of his other visual symbolism has that same sub-Hitchcock ponderousness which helped to make Kenneth Branagh 's Dead Again so tiresome .
19 No-one else has that sort of management experience . ’
20 This assumes she still has that amount of money .
21 Has that early bit of film or tape been lost , I wonder ?
22 The ‘ superstore ’ Failed to prove a viable proposition and it subsequently became a workshop for a specialist firm of motorcar body builders used by Rolls Royce cars , and only in more recent years has that business ceased and the premises redeveloped as office accommodation .
23 More money than sense he has that one .
24 Has that boy … that man any money ? ’
25 The purpose is to improve work performance and is justified only if it has that result .
26 The most important of these is her version of Mr Callaghan 's ‘ Economic Seminar ’ , though it no longer has that name .
27 Presumably no one does any more , for the programme for small children no longer has that title .
28 But if it has that civil capability it is all too easy to turn it to less than peaceful purposes .
29 The first of these is when the teacher is asked to do a manageable job , where he is working within his intellectual capacity and has that confidence which proceeds from really knowing more about what he is teaching than the children do .
30 If such an attractive new influence could be spread abroad in the world , where so many people long for a religion which has that ring of truth , the detection of which is a priceless human ability acquired down through the ages and not to be denied , there would be a growing number of adherents rallying to it .
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