Example sentences of "and [pron] " in BNC.

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1 And everyone told me : do n't waste your energy .
2 If you feel you have done well at an interview and everyone seems to like you it is quite likely to find that you have n't got the part .
3 I wish you and everyone else at the school every success in the future .
4 Everyone has a right to first-rate care and everyone has the right to complain if they 're not satisfied .
5 He thought he was having a secret affair , and everyone thought I did n't know and was terribly sympathetic .
6 When the dance ended and everyone was standing in clusters , sweating and smiling and breathing heavily , he sang out in a high voice with a laugh in it —
7 I want the clouds sweeping over the stubble when I creep and stand on the front steps after reading all night , and our owls hoot , and everyone 's sleeping upstairs , sleeping sound , in quiet bedrooms .
8 Last year Andres Gomez beat him the final ; this time it was Courier and everyone remembers things about him .
9 Let the dust settle then go for broke — by the time anyone realises what 's going on it will be too late and everyone can have a good time and relax .
10 But the jamboree could well turn into one of those parties where half the guests fail to turn up , and everyone else tries terribly hard to pretend that they are having a marvellous time .
11 At the end of their set the roadie applauded wildly , and everyone else wandered back to the bar .
12 He loved the place and everyone it involved .
13 It was hot , and everyone was very cross by the time Tim Peacock from Broxtowe summed up the general consensus : ‘ We 've been stuffed , ’ writes John Pienaar .
14 Adoption is hard , and everyone involved has disappointments , longings and anger that can not easily be dealt with .
15 I would have liked to take them off but the situation was still uncertain , and everyone still believed that the German forces were determined to push us off this high ground east of the Orne .
16 It was almost dark now and everyone had settled into their dugouts , prepared for another night of shelling and mortaring .
17 It was ‘ Gunga ’ the driver of the water truck , he hated the nickname , Gunga Din of cinema fame , and everyone was careful to avoid addressing him as anything other than just ‘ George ’ .
18 It appears to me that I have collected his and everyone else 's quota of the annoying little bastards , so I return to my trench , wrap myself up , and sleep fitfully until I am awakened to take my turn on guard .
19 The trees shook , even the ground beneath me shook , as I suddenly realised that a salvo of heavy shells was passing over at tree height , and everyone — including the prisoners — scattered in the direction of the dug-outs ; the salvo hit the ground a short distance away with an almighty roar , the explosions throwing debris over a wide area .
20 Everyone remembered him as a big man in all senses but not as a good headmaster except that he liked everyone and everyone liked him and in chapel he was a superlative speaker .
21 It preferred to be allowed to say some prayers for the Queen , the prime minister , and everyone else concerned with the choice , before they reached their conclusion .
22 The first time you use the rehearsal room , spend as long as necessary setting up your equipment until each member of the band can hear themselves and everyone else clearly .
23 That has made their tours very long and everyone needs enormous stamina and commitment .
24 David Howell complained that in Cabinet there was ‘ too much argument and not enough discussion ’ and regretted the trend towards ‘ a huge argument where tremendous battle lines will be drawn up and everyone will be hit on the head ’ .
25 The detached , amused part of Phoebe sometimes thought that her main feeling at these parties was a wish that she , and everyone else too , would dare to improve the quality of the wine , but they were all too self-consciously afraid of being mistaken for Yuppies , despite the fact they were mostly a little too old and slightly too poor .
26 The SI thought you just had to show how the nightmare worked and everyone would wake up .
27 And everyone knows that such ‘ idol-worshippers ’ abound in the ‘ East ’ .
28 The PTI appeared carrying two footballs and everyone relaxed slightly .
29 Two hours for the approach march to the enemy 's encampment and everyone to be in position before the first hints of dawn .
30 The enemy 's base , a disused farmhouse , has been examined in great detail by an earlier reconnaissance patrol and everyone knows , in theory at least , how to reach it and What to do on arrival .
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