Example sentences of "that [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Evergreen Gordon Strachan added his vote too , saying : ‘ He has taken a lot of stick and I know that feeling ; that sick-to-your stomach feeling after a costly mistake , like a missed penalty .
2 By other forms of reproduction an image may be more or less degraded , so that nothing can be learnt from them .
3 For unless there is the sense that nothing has been done there will be no work .
4 I do not mean to imply , he wrote , that nothing existed before that moment , no plans , no designs , no sketches and no notes , of course there were plans and designs , sketches and notes , how could there not be , he wrote , when my whole life has been nothing but a preparation for this beginning , not only in the sense that everyone 's life is always a preparation for every beginning in that life but in the quite specific sense that my own life has always been a preparation for this beginning , nothing but a preparation for this beginning , both consciously and unconsciously , with everything I have done as well as everything I have thought , everything I have felt as well as everything I have suffered .
5 Not that I wish to say , he wrote , that everything is inevitable , on the contrary , I wish to assert emphatically that nothing is inevitable and nothing was inevitable , neither what I did nor what I thought , neither what I felt nor what I suffered , yet everything was necessary , a necessary beginning and necessary Harsnet ( typed Goldberg ) is misleading , since it was only after I had begun that I knew I had begun , while before I had begun , before the 27 July 1967 , there was no beginning , as there was no end , there was no time and there was no freedom from time , only endless cups of coffee , endless cups of tea , endless biscuits and endless bacon sandwiches .
6 The principle always that nothing should be hidden : There is only this .
7 Though people expect illness to become more frequent in old age , you should not assume that nothing can be done , but should consult your doctor if you think you have a health problem .
8 And Lucy 's silky warm skin all along her , arms wrapped round each other , so close that nothing could come between .
9 He would ask young Alex for the ring , and see that it was put well on Mary 's finger , he would wish them to be happy and fruitful and true to one another and that nothing would ever part them .
10 At the junction with the road she braked just long enough to see that nothing was coming then turned right and careered wildly down the long hill into the village .
11 We have then reached the absurd position that nothing in the world possesses a knowable intrinsic or qualitative nature , for all properties are essentially relational .
12 My arched body had moved gingerly toward the only hold , and once there I stood upright and whooped knowing that nothing would stop me now .
13 But on the contrary , this world of ‘ it was rumoured ’ and ‘ that may well have been so ’ followed at once by ‘ it is more likely that nothing of the sort happened ’ — again in the opening paragraphs — is as exhilarating as the challenge of life 's opacities to a healthy curiosity .
14 The other kind would be academics who are committed to a tough professionalism on the American model , who believe that knowledge advances and becomes obsolete , that theory is essential , and that nothing of interest can be said about literature outside an institutional framework .
15 Among serious writers and readers in the United States ( as distinct from shallow and modish Anglophiles mostly around New York ) , it is taken for granted that Pound 's caustic dismissal of us in 1929 was justified , and that nothing has happened in the forty-five years since to alter that picture significantly .
16 While Deng is doing his best to assure the world that nothing has changed , that China will push ahead with its reforms and will hold its door open for foreign business and investment , the post-Tiananmen purging of liberal intellectual elements and the new emphasis on ‘ political education ’ have enormously strengthened the position of the Communist Party 's hardline Marxists , led by Yang Shangkun , the president , and Li Peng , the prime minister .
17 He appealed for leniency on the grounds that nothing had been touched .
18 But the next day Mr Clarke insisted that nothing had in fact changed from the NHS White Paper because it had not talked of cash limits , only of firm budgets .
19 I reached Belle-Ile by ferry from the peninsula of Quiberon , after a seven-hour drive in 27-degree heat from the Paris airport that nothing on earth would induce me to repeat — though my two companions , one British and one French , conversed enthusiastically on opera , European politics , and structural anthropology .
20 The company 's advisers , Baring Brothers , believe that nothing would be served by making Sir Derek a scapegoat at this stage .
21 But the Treasury issued a counter-statement saying that nothing improper had been asked of civil servants by ministers .
22 John Major , the Foreign Secretary , said in another BBC interview that nothing had changed since the EC Madrid summit last June : Britain would become a full member of the European Monetary System ( EMS ) when inflation fell to ‘ the approximate rate ’ of European competitors , and when France and Italy abolished exchange controls .
23 In Heseltine 's case , it must already be approaching the danger level ; he needs to be vigilant that nothing he says or does reinforces it .
24 Perhaps this reflects no more than the elevation of masculinity that permeates the canteen culture of the station , but the view that nothing busy happens in the unit and that it is an ‘ easy turn ’ is a sad reflection on how the marginalization of policewomen 's duties has divorced some policemen from the reality of sex crimes .
25 It is not just that dealing with Old Age Pensioners who have reported missing budgies falls outside the definition of what counts as ‘ real ’ police work , the work is also disliked because it is problematic , for policemen need to display competence in the way they convey sympathy while admitting that nothing will be done .
26 It does not even oblige us to assert that nothing but classics , or philosophy , or mathematics , or PPE is education .
27 The idea of a God-given nature and destiny had the corollary that nothing so essentially predetermined could or should ever change .
28 And then the moment had passed , and tall and tanned and fit in the sunshine she had walked down the green street with the gardens either side of her , and had known by an instinctive glance that her mother still lived there , that nothing had changed .
29 It seemed to Marx that nothing could be more different than kinship relations and relations in the labour market .
30 Odd-Knut was ahead of us , so that nothing would stop him being first away .
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