Example sentences of "that [verb] " in BNC.

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1 its joints and spring the links that pegged it down
2 Tests show that eating lots of fibre or switching to polyunsaturated fats has about as much chance of prolonging your life as wearing a wig , but a kipper two or three times a week will have your life assurance rep collecting the premiums for ever .
3 Of course , life was n't really like that , but the advertisers want us to believe it was , and that eating their product will help us recapture the feeling — and the taste .
4 ‘ I do n't really believe that eating a McDonald 's a couple of times a week , as I do , is bad for anybody , ’ said commercial director Lee Soden .
5 This is not to say that eating out must become a test , or analysing the menu a bore .
6 The Burgundians thought that eating too many potatoes caused leprosy , the Prussians believed that they were responsible for the dreaded consumption , whilst the Russians simply said that they were food sent from the devil .
7 There is no doubt that eating in the kitchen has an attraction all its own .
8 Ecologists agree that eating less meat is better for you and the environment .
9 Well , oh yes , I 'm sure I 'm not saying that 's the only thing that controls people 's food intake I mean clearly there are things cultural some cultures , the Japanese seem to love eating raw fish , I mean how they can bring themselves to do it I do now know , I mean the raw is I do n't think I 'd want to eat again , but er erm not always if they were cooked either , but erm the , the er and certainly if you look at the Australian Aborigines even though we take the Australian Aborigines as our kind of primeval people , they have astonishing food taboos , I mean their attitudes to food are very very culturally er effective to , to a quite extraordinary extent , some so that somebody somebody discovered that eating a tabooed food by accident , they 'll get very ill , a kind of psychosomatic illness .
10 ANY parent will tell you that eating out with children under three years old is not the most relaxing experience in the world .
11 THE WELSH are closing in on the standards of play that immortalised the sixties and seventies as the golden age of their rugby .
12 It was space that lamed the prospects of a truly national economy ; it was distance by land that doomed the government 's expensive attempt to re-create , in the eighteenth century , a great wool industry in central Spain and hampered the creation of an internal market in the nineteenth .
13 I have seen it — Not long ago , in Moscow on quite another mission , I tiptoed up the great empty staircase and , with a diplomatic passport in my pocket , stood in the eternal dusk that shrouds old ballrooms when they are asleep — With its plump brown pillars and gilded mirrors , it was better suited to the last hours of a sinking liner than the launch of a great initiative .
14 Although he wanted a physical astronomy that would deal with real motions , there were too many ‘ great inconveniences ’ in a system that saddled the earth with three separate motions : an orbital revolution , an axial rotation , and a change in the orientation of the axis itself .
15 Nora 's was to start moving that cash around from bank to bank — and even from country to country — in quite novel and unconventional ways , so that when the time came , and there was no cash left to move around , the fact might go unnoticed for … how long ?
16 She still held that grudge , he noted .
17 Local authorities have distinctive features , however , that complicate the application of managerial theories .
18 What makes the study of the English choral renaissance so fascinating is that these ideals have arisen there in ways that complicate ( but in no way confute ) the argument of Richard Taruskin and others who regard them as a projection of certain 20th-century musical ideas and tastes .
19 The men and women I met often spoke of regret and loss — not a nostalgia for the past , those glazed memories that falsify the hard history of the working people by claiming that the past was better .
20 But the laws of physics are valid only until further notice " , i.e. until instances are found that falsify them , and this conceivably might be such an instance .
21 In an article in the TES ( 14/9/90 ) Mary Castle claimed that there are fourteen local authorities that insist their schools should have no direct contact with journalists , so one needs to be clear about the LEA regulations before giving a story about the school to the press .
22 Even the WBC , the governing body that insist they 'll now give their title to Lewis , would have been been appeased by such a compromise .
23 Indeed McLeish reflected , that encapsulated the trouble with Tristram — everything that he could do , Perry , two years his senior , could apparently do just that bit better .
24 Stigwood turned a local scene into an international sensation , launched John Travolta as a box office star and cult hero and masterminded the biggest-selling soundtrack album of all time with a movie that encapsulated the energy and release of the disco age .
25 Yet the Discovery has a classy , Conran-designed interior , excellent seats and ride-comfort and a wonderful , rumbling V8 engine that emits just the same blue-blooded burble as a Range Rover .
26 The change in the orbit of the earth is too slow to be observed , but this same effect has been observed over the past few years occurring in the system called PSR 1913+16 ( PSR stands for " pulsar , " a special type of neutron star that emits regular pulses of radio waves ) .
27 Strategies that maximize the individual fitness component may be termed selfish .
28 Competition and selection may be expected to yield traits that maximize rapid and early reproduction and the production of the largest possible brood or litter .
29 The role of the state in services for old people should be to create conditions that maximize the ability of the individual , families and the community to cope independently .
30 Typically the literature on trade policy in the presence of imperfect competition has derived optimal tariff and subsidy policies that maximize economic welfare .
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