Example sentences of "that [vb mod] " in BNC.

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1 We may be meant to think that time is simultaneous , in a way that may owe something to the simultaneity propounded , ‘ perhaps ’ , in Eliot 's Four Quartets , where ‘ History is now and England ’ ; or that it is cyclical , a turning wheel , with human depravity paling into insignificance as the wheel turns into modern times .
2 A film is made up of a series of shots that may be photographed over various periods of time ; a ‘ take ’ that may have originally started out as three or four minutes in length may eventually be edited to a ten second shot .
3 A film is made up of a series of shots that may be photographed over various periods of time ; a ‘ take ’ that may have originally started out as three or four minutes in length may eventually be edited to a ten second shot .
4 Here is a selection of speeches for both men and women that may be recommended for auditions at drama schools .
5 This means that a patio of ample size will be needed , which could use a combination of pre-cast slabs and new brick paving , or , of you are lucky , some old bricks that may have been in the garden already .
6 So do n't hesitate to ask them about anything that may be worrying or puzzling you .
7 There are several complaints that may affect women at some time in their lives from period pains and pre-menstrual tension to thrush and cystitis .
8 There are two methods of emergency contraception — a pill that can be used up to 72 hours after intercourse and an IUD method that may be fitted within five days .
9 This booklet has been prepared to give general information about adapting your homes and about other options that may help you establish and maintain independence .
10 To give more power to the carver 's elbow there are now a wide range of electric carving systems , and here we test a selection of machines and tools that may offer more than a saving in time
11 which were and still are a display of dances that may or may not be applicable to the plot .
12 There are many other instances of Ashton 's witty beaten touches that may only become apparent after several viewings and are to be found in Birthday Offering , Sylvia , La Fille Mal Gardée and elsewhere .
13 Bleaching : is a process that may be necessary , either to remove stains caused by weathering , ink or water , or if the article that is to be finished is required in a lighter shade .
14 Stick the stencil in position using masking tape and cover any areas around the designs that may be accidentally brushed with colour
15 Blackbirds and thrushes will make a meal of ripening strawberries , pears etc , and even blue-tits can damage ripening apples and pears by pecking them and letting in fungi and bacteria that may cause the fruit to rot .
16 For those not familiar with the effects of earth energy lines , Mr Heye sent further documentation with his letter that listed some of the tell tale signs that may show someone is suffering from bad earth vibes .
17 In this climate , the academic in English and other subjects in the humanities , who is busy , who publishes a lot , who goes to conferences , can not but be preferred to the quiet scholar , who keeps a low profile , even seems rather idle , but is taking his time over a major piece of scholarly writing that may involve many years ' work and which he does not intend to give to the world until he is ready .
18 Adult classes , in fact , require exceptionally good teaching , of a kind that may be remote from the professional ideals of many presentday academics .
19 Among the provisions is the understanding that any country will have the right to ban broadcasts that may ‘ seriously impair the physical , mental or moral development of minors ’ .
20 Unpredictably it is Cambridge that may claim to have played a major part in his developments .
21 Jeanette Lamb , a research team member at the Institute of Molecular Medicine , John Radcliffe Hospital , Oxford , said : ‘ We have found a cause for mental retardation that may account for a large proportion of the unexplained cases . ’
22 Taken together the pieces offer points of contact with a formidably quick mind that may suggest ways into the longer and more forbidding time-spans of Carter 's major works .
23 He was booked for a wild foul on Carl Bradshaw , so there was an element of justice when his clearance found Rostron and the Owl-in-exile advanced to equalise with a cross-shot that may have been more cross than shot .
24 However , if they are maintained — and car boots still have to be checked for goods that may exceed the allowances in worth — then the whole dream of a frontier-free Community will be lost .
25 There were one or two things that may concern them ( the scratchy sound of the orchestra for one ) , though nothing that should deter them from tuning in , for the singing was generally fine , with particularly good contributions from the basses ( Michael George and Peter Harvey ) , the soprano Nancy Argenta , the tenor Andrew Murgatroyd , the ‘ cantor ’ Nicholas Robertson and the choir itself , here expanded , of course , to The Twenty .
26 Wesker might be accused of being somewhat subjective about the play , a charge that may be repeated as the producer of his own work .
27 His apprehensions are fuelled by a crop of injuries that may deprive him of Paul McGrath ( hamstring ) , Kevin Moran ( bruised back ) and Steve Staunton ( ankle ) .
28 Cannon , 39 , had intended to play on for one more season , but he has a back injury that may require surgery .
29 The decision to expand outside national boundaries is therefore usually taken at some later stage in their development , and this section reviews the factors that may be taken into account in arriving at a decision which fundamentally alters the nature and scope of a company 's activities .
30 By implication , Levitt takes the view that a global market should be viewed as one with particular market segments that may bear little or no relationship to geographical boundaries .
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