Example sentences of "for [det] " in BNC.

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1 This cuts most crop for least work but leaves the windrow in a continuous ‘ rope ’ with heads and butts mixed .
2 Little-known , that is , until she received the Snavely Award for Least Useful Research for her development of schools where backward quarks might learn charm .
3 Just as the capitalist desires maximum output from labour for least cost , so does the labourer want maximum pay for the least effort .
4 In a true political democracy , such a declaration is of course perfectly allowable ; and none the less so for least that the general interest will not suffer from the exercise of the right ; and that the loss or diminution of any other opposed rights can be justified .
5 And she 'd got to say whoever er work for least money , got the job .
6 Perhaps the Publishers Publicity Circle should introduce a new category of award : most publicity for least accessible title .
7 If only there was a way for each viewer to leave his mark .
8 Bravo levies a transaction charge for each booking , starting at £1.80 to a maximum of £3.30 .
9 As each item from the invoice is typed into the system , the program updates the stock file to show the most recent price paid per pound for each commodity .
10 And the next time Brown compiles a menu , the costing for each dish will be based on the updated purchase price .
11 When I found it , there was an argument and we went for each other . ’
12 How much support and practical help you will get from your local Social Services Department varies from area to area , but everyone is at least entitled to one third of a pint of free milk each day for each child you mind .
13 The first is that there is no need to follow slavishly the whole procedure for each offence .
14 There are two squads for each male age division and two squads for females .
15 There was much truth in it , despite their respect for each other 's freedom and independence .
16 She posed carefully for each exposure .
17 The work of Hubel and Wiesel , in particular , put the conception of neurones as ‘ feature detectors ’ , rather than simply energy detectors , on the map , supporting the idea that for each cell in the cortex there was a specific pattern of excitation that would reliably excite it .
18 Routine 1 1st session 1 set of 10 repetitions for each exercise
19 2nd session 2 sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise
20 3rd session 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise
21 I had worked out three ways of making the box ; the volumes different for each .
22 You are now equipped to play the game : what is the ideal position for each of these machines allowing for you , the craftsman , to work around them and allowing for a board of a chosen dimension to go across that production set-up ?
23 Considering the tenoning half of his design , I modified it so that it could quickly accommodate a different pair of blocks for each differently angled tenon .
24 If there are more than 2 people , the threshold for help is increased by £52 for each extra person .
25 Figures are given for each local authority , showing numbers and proportions of residents aged under 65 , and 65+ , supported in each type of accommodation .
26 Opponents of the two locomotives for each train concept were vindicated by a series of stress defects and overheating of the Paxman Valenta 2,250hp power units , and it was agreed to re-engine four Western Region examples with Mirrlees units .
27 Fokine was the first choreographer to distinguish the need for a particular style for each ballet when he created such different ballets as Les Sylphides , Le Carnaval , Prince Igor , The Firebird and Petrushka .
28 Therefore in daily training it is customary for each exercise to be performed to the left and right , forwards and backwards .
29 A simple map is provided for each peak , and there are a number of topos .
30 Place a blob for each corner and one for the centre of each slab .
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