Example sentences of "for [pron] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 On the one hand it is nothing and asks for nothing , on the other it is the secret and silent source of the destruction of everything .
2 ‘ I was n't with Dr Mackenzie for two years for nothing . ’
3 I 've only eight working years left now and with all my savings gone , I simply ca n't afford to work for nothing .
4 ‘ They do n't call me bitch for nothing .
5 But there was time now for nothing but actions .
6 ‘ A Year 's Pay for Nothing , ’ read the headline .
7 — I 'm sittin' here waitin' for nothing .
8 But he feels let-down and disappointed that all his years of effort in building trade in the Harrow , a city-centre pub , count for nothing .
9 This came as something of a surprise , for nothing Victor Saunders had told me about the Priut refuge quite prepared me for my first sight of this three-storey silver sausage — an amazing futuristic construction with a dining room that looks out on a wonderland of peaks , and with some four-bedded dormitories which , if you 're lucky enough to be allocated one , ensures a degree of comfort far different from alpine-style overcrowding .
10 This does indeed seem like getting something for nothing , but is it really ?
11 What can be so easy as this when the critic has to be responsible for nothing ?
12 Italians think of the state system much as Britons used to regard ‘ Auntie ’ and not for nothing is it known as ‘ Mamma RAI ’ .
13 RAI protests that this amounts to a colossal waste of money since it previously acquired Eurovision rights for nothing more than the duty of reciprocal access to material from Italy .
14 Not for nothing was it dubbed the ‘ Triumph Snag ’ .
15 People will nevertheless say that the desire is for nothing more than alcohol .
16 Not for nothing were such power stations described as ‘ brick cathedrals ’ ; Bankside is the finest manifestation of this tradition .
17 Wales did find the net in the 32nd minute through Malcolm Allen , but it counted for nothing because Dean Saunders had fouled Hans van Breukelen .
18 It was not for nothing that he was chosen as Mr Squeaky Clean after the sexual and financial aberrations of his two predecessors .
19 He was naked , and obviously he was not called the biggest chopper in the Brigade for nothing .
20 The study of something for its own sake , for the sake of knowing , understanding , grasping it and for nothing else , is an essential characteristic of education , lower or higher , though more obviously of higher education .
21 ‘ It was for nothing , Daddy . ’
22 Price : £108,994 0–60mph : 6.5secs 30–70mph : 6.1secs 30–50 in 4th : 2.4secs Top Speed : 143mph Overall MPG : 15.1 Citation : For putting the fight back into Bentley and creating a form of transport that wants for nothing at all
23 We will be able to provide the equipment he needs to lead a normal life , and we know he 'll want for nothing in the future . ’
24 He gave me a whole bunch of flowers for nothing .
25 I wish I 'd hidden the bits — I feel silly ripping it up for nothing .
26 I remember I had to get some photos so I could get into the swimming pool for nothing .
27 It 's not for nothing that he has earned his reputation as Scotland 's most effective ‘ company doctor ’ .
28 Friends like the Post Office workers who have kindly agreed to deliver this leaflet for nothing … .
29 He lived in beautiful houses , travelled the world in the greatest of comfort , and wanted for nothing .
30 If I was outside , she said she could telephone me every day for nothing , if I gave her the number of a phone box and arranged to be there for a certain time …
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