Example sentences of "i [vb infin] " in BNC.

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1 He made me expose my bottom to him and he whipped me .
2 ‘ No , no , let me answer that , Peregrine . ’
3 Let me answer the second question first .
4 ( Let me answer my own question .
5 ‘ But when they ask questions , let me answer , sir .
6 Let me answer , at least this one unasked question .
7 but I I 'm sorry b if you would let me answer .
8 He always rushed to the phone , he would n't let me answer the phone you see .
9 He seemed unconcerned at letting me loose on his half-share investment and I tried telling myself that ahead lay merely a quick pop over three undemanding obstacles , not the first searching test of my chances of racing .
10 He seemed to have forgotten about only letting me loose on water .
11 Your chairman was kind enough — before he let me loose on this most patient audience — to say that my attitude , for an historian , was very unhistorical and I took it that that was meant as praise .
12 I 'll recruit somebody to help me service my client bank , because it 's better to have fifty percent of something than fifty percent of nothing .
13 It certainly makes me regard the next car commercial with a new pair of eyes .
14 ‘ He said that he could n't pay me because he had to maintain his cash flow for the London opening , but what he would do was to let me regard what he owed me as a stake in the show . ’
15 ‘ Peter Seabrook helped me build the pond on the programme , ’ he pointed out .
16 Derek was always very supportive of what I was trying to do — helping me build the aviary in his back garden had made him interested in birds too — but I could n't expect him to drop everything and drive me from Tintagel to London .
17 In this programme I 'm going to sketch in a bit of the background , by way of introduction , and in later weeks , various colleagues of mine , concerned with all aspects of the computing world , will be helping me build up the over-all picture .
18 You want to plant them , you can help me plant them cos you 'll be around
19 Watching me wind two strands together on the cone winder he exclaimed ‘ Ah , now I know what ‘ k 2 tog ’ means ! ’
20 Staying would also be impossible in the long run but that young man would let me stay for a little while — until the restaurant closed , anyway .
21 If Mr Jackson sees me all grown up , then maybe he 'll let me stay here .
22 Christopher , please let me stay . ’
23 ‘ At least let me stay here for a while until I get my head clear . ’
24 Would not let me stay here …
25 ‘ Then let me stay . ’
26 The Miss Cardings next door , they would have let me stay there until I got myself sorted out .
27 Or when Tom says , ‘ My teacher made me stay in today ’ , parents would do well to resist the temptation to answer , ‘ Now what have you done ? ’ , or ‘ I suppose you deserved it ’ , replies which would have inflamed his feelings .
28 I told my Mum that I had a headache so she let me stay at home .
29 ‘ Do you think that she 'll let me stay for good ?
30 Would you let me stay with you then ? ’
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