Example sentences of "i [vb mod] " in BNC.

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1 Excuse me let's eat tonight mind .
2 On the other hand if I am in a drama experience my own actions and things about me may trap me into believing I am in an actual event .
3 ‘ If it is so important to you , Miss Kenton , I will allow that the Chinaman behind me may well be incorrectly situated .
4 This does n't mean that the others had no ‘ powers ’ , that they seemed to do little for me may have been my own lack of receptivity .
5 My main concern , however , on this throbbing morn , is to reassure any of my admirers whose opinion of me may have been diminished by David and Ted 's startling revelations concerning the use to which I have been known to put my sinuses .
6 I am prepared to accept that anyone who knows me may dislike me , but when someone who can not dislike me because they do n't know me , attacks me , I collapse inside , I lose eloquence , I get frightened , sometimes I cry .
7 ‘ I know what you 'd like to do — and it may surprise you , Kit , if I admit that part of me may even want to myself .
8 What pleases me may not please you , and my recommendation may disappoint you — and then what would you think ?
9 ‘ You were quite right to come and what you 've told me may be important .
10 Phil is an ardent Stoke City supporter and season ticket holder and colleagues joked me may need to ‘ get away from it all ’ as he is still trying to shrug off his team 's F.A .
11 Perhaps some indication of how this reacted on me may be gleaned from memory , One of the medical wing commanders at the hospital — H.E .
12 Making love to me may help you to forget for a while , but it wo n't change the feelings you obviously still have for her , whether you care to admit it or not . ’
13 we get on the train at , most of them get on at Elstree luckily so what we do is we open the doors and they 're always crowding up the bit where the door is and they say excuse me may I get on please ?
14 as if someone like me should have sat there quietly like a mouse , demure and repressed !
15 Please do not hesitate to telephone me should you need more information .
16 How do ye think ye are so fat : It 's me should be complaining .
17 he said impatiently to Burt , describing the impossibility of dealing with such turncoats , ‘ they were determined that people like me should never comc into our own .
18 On the other hand , there are in some cases statements of principle in general terms , which do not form part of the ratio decidendi and in others statements in dissenting judgments which it seems to me should be considered when the present question has to be resolved .
19 There was a long silence before Ipuky continued , ‘ What is said about me should not concern you .
20 Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information or assistance .
21 Please also contact me should you wish any advice .
22 Please contact me should you feel sufficiently interested to wish to inspect the original deed and I will make the necessary arrangements — subject to it remaining available .
23 Now Kathy seems to me should be checked checking the assessor , just as if it was going over the telephone
24 Was that meant to be that people like me should be doing spot checks , Richard should tell people like me to do spot checks or Richard was going to do spot checks ?
25 He said to me should add erm you know like being
26 if you 're going to join a K you , you , you should , I mean joined writing to me should be a soften version
27 ‘ I think all the businessmen sitting around me must think I am mad .
28 Everything Fiona and Tremayne believed of me must have looked inevitable at that moment .
29 Mick and me must drive them all there .
30 Feeding me must have been painful , and perhaps therefore an unpleasant emotional experience .
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