Example sentences of "i [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Three years of being a member of the Campaign Team at AI had not prepared me for seeing human rights abuses first hand .
2 In which case forgive me for writing as I have done .
3 Would n't speak to me for six months , but then his natural goodness of heart , as well perhaps as his gradual realization that I might have been right , that perhaps I had saved him from a fate worse than death , made it impossible for him to keep it up .
4 Nothing had prepared me for that .
5 He came round to my side , stood beside me for a while , looking , puffing .
6 For example , I have never received a personal letter following my stay to thank me for my custom .
7 It was through a family connection , I think — anyway , as expected , she never had to ask me for a reference .
8 Blame me for becoming poor if you like — I admit , I blew it — but the responsibility for the way our society treats its poorer members is not exclusively mine .
9 Despite this , at lunchtime Kathleen presented me with four hours ' pay and pressed me for a few more details to help her with her enquiries .
10 Would you like to come and sit out the back with me for a minute ? ’
11 Then last year , everything just started running against me for some reason .
12 And they ask me for hardly any rent , which is the other nice thing about it . ’
13 In some ways I feel her peculiar dilemma parallels my own for she described her stance as one which distanced her from the classical anthropological mode , creating a ‘ memorable adventure ’ , which she claims , ‘ has marked me for life ’ ( ibid. 22 ) .
14 I am half-pissed and brilliant , Francis takes me for egg and chips and strong tea and tells me to give it up .
15 Forgive me for assuming my role of dyke agony uncle once more , but really , lovey !
16 Pardon me for thinking they were important , pardon me for feeling beautiful and lyrical , pardon me for loving you .
17 Pardon me for thinking they were important , pardon me for feeling beautiful and lyrical , pardon me for loving you .
18 Pardon me for thinking they were important , pardon me for feeling beautiful and lyrical , pardon me for loving you .
19 What do you take me for ? ’
20 ‘ Would you talk to me for a few minutes ? ’
21 A good thing I was free of it , as both sides in the dispute applied to me for further information in the course of the afternoon .
22 Offering the blond English boy — the one I was throwing water at now — half my lunch , and sitting there full of gratitude because he smiled , because he liked the taste of the piece of chicken dipped in cumin and saffron and he had smiled at me for the first time .
23 You 've been with me for a whole week now and you might just as well have been a girl , or a boy without balls .
24 What the bloody hell did you go an' marry me for if you wanted to go to London ?
25 It joined me for the rest of the holiday , much to the annoyance of my fellow passengers .
26 This came as something of a surprise , for nothing Victor Saunders had told me about the Priut refuge quite prepared me for my first sight of this three-storey silver sausage — an amazing futuristic construction with a dining room that looks out on a wonderland of peaks , and with some four-bedded dormitories which , if you 're lucky enough to be allocated one , ensures a degree of comfort far different from alpine-style overcrowding .
27 ‘ They will find out I 've done nothing and flog me for it . ’
28 I write this letter in the hope that someone will explain the errors of my ways , forgive me for mixing relativistic and Newtonian physics , and enlighten me .
29 Two reasons strike me for this .
30 My rich , dark Trappist practically knocked me for six at lunchtime , while a deep red cherry beer , Kriek , tasted like alcoholic cough mixture .
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