Example sentences of "i [adv] " in BNC.

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1 You thought me dead these few weeks …
2 I was so pleased , ’ she looked at me shyly or was it a little slyly , ‘ I could understand from knowing my Classics what the old peasants were saying .
3 Mr Hobbs looked at me shyly .
4 She smiled at me shyly , as if uncertain of her welcome .
5 I 'd heard so much about the blinking cruise being in October and not in September that I 'd considered it done and June , fool that she is , chose not to challenge me outright because her tactic is to suffer in silence until her suffering spills from her like lava , devastating everyone in its path .
6 I 'll make her tell me outright , he told himself as the maid rang the gong for dinner .
7 Are you condemning me outright ? ’ she snapped with some asperity .
8 My practical mastery had made me acutely aware of the boundaries which separate those inside the institution from those excluded from the specialist knowledge of ‘ doing the business ’ and I was more than ever aware of the suspicions which would have been aroused if I had introduced questions of an academic nature , or had distributed questionnaires .
9 She stared at me furiously .
10 Benjamin nudged me furiously .
11 Late one night he visited me secretly , in order to warn me .
12 ‘ But this is the bit that took me longest to work out .
13 I had forgotten my way and had to look all round me slowly until I recognized the street which I had used a hundred times before .
14 He had a bright yellow hat on with ‘ KISS ME SLOWLY ’ written on the side .
15 His yellow ‘ KISS ME SLOWLY ’ hat bobbed about as Tony chuckled to himself over his comic .
16 He walked me slowly out to the garden gate — a kindly old man , more interested in his trees and his plans for the palace , his rowing and his cycling than in the ruder demands of his people for democracy and good government .
17 He turned to me slowly , and I saw his face , expressionless in its blackness , with his yellow eyes fixed on me coldly , like an animal 's .
18 But Posi promised to lower me slowly , to raise minimal dist from where the beam hit the ground .
19 He turned his head towards me slowly , but did not answer .
20 ’ Need to go wary on the Apricot Sunsets in future , ’ she said as she helped me slowly up the basement steps to the street .
21 I 'll tell you , Crilly , about my first trip to Scotland and the men in chip shops who call you ‘ Hen ’ and the lads wearing green Celtic scarves at lunchtime and broad pointy-horned cattle and graveyards macabre with the tilting of tombstones caked with moss and weeds , sheep grazing and weaving amongst them , and a coastal fishing town in Harris where a night sky shimmers only to itself and I am without friends from , the real world and I listen only for the sound of the tin whistle while the boats rock gently in the jetty and the sky rages from beige to black and craggy mountains dart until forever and a fisherman stands , stunning and alone , strong and unnamed , and leads me slowly into that everchanging sea .
22 When returning the draft Contract to me duly signed will you let me have a cheque in favour of Messrs. Stanley Tee & Co. for £2,600 the 5% deposit and I will place this on deposit with my firm 's bankers so that it does not lose you interest , so there should be no delay in exchanging contracts once you have received the insurance company 's acceptance of your life proposals .
23 The baby treated me hospitably , being the age he is and therefore still inclined to interpret the rest of the world as an annex of himself .
24 since he came to our Lordships House with some very and has had to sit this thing ever since then with one exception er to speeches deeply and seriously critical er of the proposals er coming from Members of your Lordships House mostly with vast experience of the subject matter former Secretary 's er er former Chief Constable er and er so many others and I arise only to put one point to you if my Noble Friend decides to resist these amendments , it seems to me I may be wrong but it seems to me overwhelmingly clear that they will be carrying against him and they will be put into the Bill which will be very considerably altered and amended , some of your Lordships may think improved , but certainly drastically altered and I wonder whether er my Noble Friend thinks that really would be helpful from the point of view either of the pr future progress of the Bill , or the position of the Government .
25 I could see this condition coming upon me relentlessly from the first moment Dana cast his eyes upon me : he was another who knew how to use the power of the evil eye , almost casually , to enchant total strangers .
26 " Sit down , boy ! " the lady said sharply , then , as Cedric took absolutely no notice , she turned to me nervously .
27 ‘ See what yer mean , Joe , me neighbourly visit .
28 Though why you should have me , simply because I opened the glass case , is less clear to me altogether , and when , and if , you are restored to your rightful place , and your home and lands and people are again your own , I trust you will feel free to reconsider the matter , and remain , if you will , alone and unwed .
29 I 'd kind of been hoping they 'd take the cuffs off me altogether by now but I suppose they 're thinking that the body in the shaft does n't prove anything by itself , and that Andy could still be dead , or he could be alive and he — or somebody else — could have kidnapped Halziel and Lingary to provide cover for me .
30 I told him that this bizarre gift had frightened me , made me feel vulnerable ; and that I had felt compelled to develop a magical system of my own to prevent my hyperactive visual memory from destroying me altogether .
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