Example sentences of "i [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Would you like me to drive ? ’
2 He 's drunk enough to float the Mauretania , and left me to drive him home that 's had so little over me lips you would think it was Lent . ’
3 Sanay just ask me to drive you into town , baby . ’
4 The man jumped in and shouted at me to drive but I refused .
5 ‘ Want me to drive you ? ’
6 He wanted me to drive on and I was in no position to argue .
7 There was nothing for it but for me to drive the ten miles there and back and pick it up , because the doctors would need to examine him and sign the certificate at 6.30 .
8 ‘ Would you like me to drive ? ’
9 But sometimes the Earl would ring me at home at night and ask me to drive back to Althorp because the Countess was in floods of tears .
10 ‘ If you would prefer me to drive I can drive , ’ said the man .
11 There is a compensation scheme and the laibon wishes me to drive one of his sons fifty miles to a small town to collect the papers .
12 When we came to Préfleur I asked Jean-Claude if he would teach me to drive the motor cycle .
13 ‘ Do you want me to drive ? ’
14 His only answer was a wave of the arm , signalling me to drive on .
15 Would it hold up for the half-minute or so it would take me to drive across ?
16 My father taught me to shoot , I ca n't imagine why he did n't teach me to drive . ’
17 So he taught me to drive see and It was much easier then you see with a car .
18 ‘ Would you like me to drive you , Aunt Goldie ? ’
19 How long would it take me to drive up there ? ’
20 ‘ Want me to drive ? ’
21 ‘ The patron , mademoiselle , instructed me to drive you wherever you wished to go .
22 ‘ Would you like me to drive ? ’ she offered .
23 ‘ You trust me to drive without keeping a constant watch ? ’
24 learnt me to drive
25 All I know is that I think it 's a safe distance for me to drive behind that car at any given time .
26 anyway he walked , he was only away about twenty minutes you know he wanted to get the car and for me to drive I thought well er
27 You do n't like me to drive ,
28 They 'd imagine me prostituting myself , or on the hard stuff .
29 A passenger sitting next to me flung a coin into the river with great enthusiasm .
30 Andy , my anaesthesiologist , gave me a smile and a pre-med jab and left me to float in a warm sea-green calm which was interrupted by the slap of rubber swing-doors and a breathless , ‘ Hi , my name 's Nudleman .
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