Example sentences of "be of " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I am of no consequence , only a Catholic priest , doing my duty .
2 ‘ They like her music very much but to be honest I am of the older regime , I prefer the traditional Welsh choral music .
3 Fortunately I am of good tough stock .
4 But as to what [ the gentleman ] observes concerning Stephen Duck , I am of Opinion , that it was not his Situation , but the Royal Favour , which gained the Country over to his Side ; and therefore I think it needless to paint the Life of a Person , who depends more upon the Curiosity of the World , than its Good nature
5 Seriously though , I am of the opinion that women need their own space to talk freely without the presence of men .
6 Not half as much as I am of you ! thought Henry , as he ran his eyes down the rest of the manuscript ( she must have written it before going to sleep ) .
7 But as soon as we are tired of them and we have discharged our duties to society each day , we can say to ourselves : ‘ All those things are of the mundane , but I am of the transcendent , and therefore far above them . ’
8 My wife is travelling without a maid or nurse and I am of little use in a sickroom . ’
9 In condemning such acts of desecration , I am of the opinion that the only exception that could be made is in the case of books already seriously incomplete and in bad condition , when the completion of its unhappy disintegration may be forgivable .
10 Some day we will be married ; I am certain of it , but it is a long time to wait till I am of age and we must think of some other way before then .
11 ‘ Am I to wear this , in pretence , until I am of age ? ’ she asked .
12 I am more certain of that than I am of anything in my life , and although it is a slow and at times agonizing road I tread , the time will come when I shall be heard and cleared of the indictment held against me .
13 Confident as I am of your Lordship 's view , the parties agreed to trial by jury ’ .
14 And if p is false then no matter how sure I am of p I do not know it .
15 I am of the opinion that it should be stressed that these are the intentions of the organisers who are in the hands of the operators of Network SouthEast .
16 I am of the Malleus . ’
17 I was vividly aware of the far reaching and vast contribution that Basil had made to education , to values , to the good influences of the Authority on teachers and children , colleges , schools and students , and I am of the privileged few who were able to work with Basil in the early days of struggles , so I know how much , how very much he did — So I felt that at least he had fulfilled — as nearly as we can ever judge — so much of his life 's work even to the developments in his own personal creative medium — and this must be a comfort to you as well as to us who knew him as a friend and colleague .
18 When Wordsworth confessed in a letter of 1794 that " I am of that odious class of men called democrats " , what he was indicating was not so much that he was a supporter of a wider parliamentary franchise as that he was on the side of the people and that he was a social and political egalitarian , though not necessarily also an economic one : " … my heart was all/Given to the people , and my love was theirs " , recalled the poet in The Prelude ( 1805 , Book IX , II .
19 For the reasons given above , I am of the opinion the judge 's answer to the question posed was correct and I would dismiss this appeal .
20 For these reasons , I am of the opinion that Wickes ' argument that the council should be required to give an undertaking in damages has no justification in Community law .
21 For the reasons I have given , I am of the opinion that he was also correct to hold that it was a matter within his discretion to decide whether or not to require the local authority to give an undertaking in damages .
22 I am of opinion that , if the interests of justice make it necessary or expedient to receive the evidence , we should admit it .
23 So if the revenue had refused in the exercise of their discretion to make the repayment they did in the present case I am of opinion that in the absence of any other remedy it would have been open to Woolwich to claim repayment in proceedings for judicial review , and there would appear to be no reason why such proceedings would not have been successful .
24 There was no duress in a sense of an actual or threatened interference with the person or property of Woolwich as occurred in many of the cases ( though I am of the view that the notion of duress or coercion should not be narrowly confined ) .
25 So be it but , remaining as I am of the view that they were a correct expression of the law , I repeat them as part of the ratio of my decision in this case .
26 ‘ Given the acrimony between the parents who both vie for the children 's affection and blacken each other 's characters and motives in the process , I am of the view that the children have become pawns in their game of hurt and ascendency .
27 Accordingly I am of the view that the judge was in error when he decided that the removal of the child was not unlawful .
28 … But private and particular corporations for charity , founded and endowed by private persons , are subject to the private government of those who erect them ; and therefore if there be no visitor appointed by the founder , I am of opinion that the law doth appoint the founder and his heirs to be visitors .
29 ‘ I am of Callanish , ’ she said simply .
30 And anyway , I am of Callanish and though Creggan here does not yet know much of the site of Creggan yet he knows what that means . ’
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