Example sentences of "be [be] " in BNC.

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1 We got the Gilbey bar but I no the answer to that question would be if any company or org organisation was prepared or wished to talk about funding the theatre in any way and I think were 'd be more than welcome to sit down with and talk them and say well how would you perceive that which way would you like to go about it how can we assist that and I think we 're be open to suggestions from them how they see it I mean you know it could be seats it could be programmes it could be any any arrange of things that we 'd certainly welcome who approach us from companies but we I think we are pro-active in sense that we do n't wait for that to happen we actually go out but was said early I think given the recession it has been difficult lately to actually go out to companies and say I mean sure companies like the Harlow Council find it extremely finance the finances extremely difficult on them and with the recession it 's really difficult for them to actually find funding and I know lot 's of companies who actually cutting back on it certain areas I think funding of oth outside organisations will be one of the areas they 'll be cutting back on .
2 I mean you you 're be selling your Traidcraft stuff I mean
3 Twenty years of doing ads we 're be able to have a few .
4 he wo n't we 're be okay .
5 Then they 're be moving we 'll be nearer then .
6 erm I think we 're be able to do all the counts with that number of people including the St David 's roundabout and
7 This is partly because hostilities now arouse political opposition and are be no means fully approved of by all the British people or even all British authorities .
8 This is partly because hostilities now arouse political opposition and are be no means fully approved of by all the British people or even all British authorities .
9 Useful books in this area are Be Your Own PR Man by Michael Bond , published by Kogan Page , and You 're on Next !
10 Erm there is publication that , these are be asked for be sent a copy to every mem member with it 's er in a way a milestone initiative in in the middle of work .
11 In the first place volunteers are be there .
12 Tablets which look like the sweet Smarties but are be harmful to children have been lost in Gloucestershire .
13 If there is a comparison to be drawn in recent times , and lessons are be learned , it 's from the Walker Cup match last month in the States .
14 The agency says fathers were paying much too little , ninety percent of the mothers are living on social security , so are be definition far poorer than their ex-husbands , and that the formula always leaves the second family better off than the first .
15 The simple algorithm has therefore been be adopted as the default in subsequent trials .
16 If the probe moves along a radius with , then For simplicity it can be imagined that the probe would have been be at rest if it had started at an infinite distance from the hole ; then the kinetic energy parameter T vanishes and the equation reduces further to where , as usual , .
17 I 'm be glad to see you this time .
18 John Whitaker was anxious to qualify for tonight 's Next International Masters and the Dutch rider , Jos Lansink , had an even more obvious reason for abandoning speed in favour of accuracy when jumping a slow clear round to be be fourth on Optiebeurs Felix .
19 The engine may be be smooth , refined and flexible in its mid-range , but for a cross-country sprint it 's asthmatic .
20 If it is not , the bid should be be blocked .
21 They tend to be be used sparingly , because they are tiring and distracting to read .
22 City : Property without solid foundations Bricks and mortar were once thought to be be as good as money in the bank .
23 The injury-prone Reid , who has been troubled by back and shoulder injuries throughout his career , will not be be able to train until early January .
24 You will be be amazed by what you can see .
25 Would be be cooked alive ?
26 Based on current business levels and industry conditions , it expects turnover for the 1993 fiscal year to June 30 to be be between $1,250m and $1,300m .
27 But , like a brain , a neural network can be be taught to do things — recognising patterns , for example — by changing the strengths of the connections between its elements .
28 Plans are far from fixed , but the replacement could be be Hewlett-Packard Co 's PA RISC , since the Japanese firm has already reportedly pledged to buy $80m worth over the next three or four years .
29 Vines for SCO will be be marketed as a Banyan application , and sold by both companies via their usual outlets .
30 manager should be be a major priority .
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