Example sentences of "be [that] " in BNC.

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1 I 'm sure , then , that readers of Dogs Today will be as concerned as I am that a well respected and successful breed rescue charity looks set to collapse this year , unless they receive real help — financial and physical — immediately .
2 I am that God to whom you w ill not pray .
3 And , Sir , I come to crave of you a boon , that you will give me Rodrigo of Bivar to be my husband , with whom I shall hold myself well married , and greatly honoured ; for certain I am that his possessions will one day be greater than those of any man in your dominions .
4 Yes : and I am that salmon
5 I am that I am .
6 Ian Luder , head of Arthur Andersen 's executive and personal taxation services group , says that ‘ the more that I have been working on employee schemes , the more convinced I am that there is an impact ’ .
7 Branson stood beside Simon Draper , visibly shaking , his face set in a grim mask , ‘ I ca n't tell you , ’ he began , ‘ how sad I am that people have felt the need to have a meeting , without Simon and I being present .
8 ‘ As sure as I am that you 'll leave New York as you arrived — empty-handed . ’
9 JUST THOUGHT I 'd write to say how surprised and disappointed I am that the 10,000 Maniacs have decided ( at the time of writing ) to play only three live dates in the UK this year , all of which are in London .
10 ‘ Sure I am that until this party was sighted , the Lord Owen had no thought in his mind of any such happening , and no plans to provoke it .
11 In fact the more I look at her the more convinced I am that she resembles one of the Yorkies .
12 May I say how thrilled I am that that United Kingdom shipyard has such a healthy order book ?
13 The more I read about Opposition policy the more convinced I am that if they were in government there would be no food left to eat in this country .
14 ‘ As certain as I am that Queen Margaret has two tits !
15 JUST THOUGHT I 'd write to say how surprised and disappointed I am that the 10,000 Maniacs have decided ( at the time of writing ) to play only three live dates in the UK this year , all of which are in London .
16 May I start by saying how pleased I am that you have recognised Michael Buerk , Alistair Cooke and the Today programme team .
17 Well I strange erm accusation yes we will be , we would keep the council tax down if I am that that would be a popular message to give out and so having accepted our below er the guideline figures they did take this into consideration but we have a budget that has elements of growth in industry .
18 ‘ After all you 've done in the past for Rosemary and me , and are still doing , ’ he went on , ‘ I got to thinking yesterday that I could have been a sight more energetic in letting you know how delighted I am that you 're going to marry my cousin .
19 Oh , how glad I am that I did n't die .
20 ‘ Have n't I shown you how delighted I am that you did ?
21 But first I want to say how sorry I am that I had to send Dawn to you instead of coming myself as I promised .
22 Disgusted as I am that an estate full of innocent people can be used as pawns in a much more complex and devious game , this threat comes as no surprise to me .
23 Indicates are that this figure is continuing to rise .
24 The signs are that the next few years will see some extensive soul-searching about art history ; several books have already appeared .
25 The dominant beliefs of the catholic — nationalist bloc still are that the group forms a people who are Gaelic-Irish , constitute a nation , are republican , and populate an island which has a natural , inner political unity .
26 Present-day reality is that pub deaths far exceed births , and the signs are that this is an accelerating process .
27 The first essentials for any cloud flying in large cumulus are that the glider must be properly equipped for serious flying , and the pilot must be competent and experienced enough at instrument flying to be able to regain control from any attitude without having to use the airbrakes .
28 It is important to remember just how similar the physical features are that one must respond to in facial speech and facial expression judgements .
29 ‘ Michael Stich has definitely told us he will play and all the indications are that Boris will do so this time as well ’ said Mr Meyer-Wolden , who spent several hours on a flight back from Australia earlier in the year , putting Becker in the picture of a wide range of his views , ideas and objectives .
30 The only conditions of this contest are that the piece must be largely turned and must be a toy .
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