Example sentences of "be [adv] " in BNC.

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1 It has also been deftly successful with its new Universal credit card .
2 A trump had been deftly played .
3 And now this feeling , as if I had been deftly
4 While the nursing staff had been keenly following the implementation of the ENP , some of them did not seem to be familiar with my parameters of practice — I sometimes missed patients that I could have treated because they were not being filtered through to me .
5 This catalogue raisonné has been keenly awaited for several years ; work began before the artist 's death in 1988 , aged eighty-six .
6 Social revolutionaries have been keenly aware of the force of nationalism , as well as ideologically committed to national autonomy , even when it is not actually wanted , as among the Lusatian Slavs , whose language is slowly retreating , in spite of the previous admirable efforts of the German Democratic Republic to foster it .
7 The lack of a comprehensive and up-to-date register of Old Stopfordians had always been keenly felt , and the work of compiling it was entrusted to a small body of Sixth Formers , marshalled by two prefects , E.J. Thomas and T. Volk .
8 Of course , this has been keenly misread in our century .
9 The central administration of the Modular Course has always been keenly aware of the burden falling on Field Chairs .
10 He had been keenly interested in the first : about the second he was much intrigued .
11 His granddaughter , Jessie Mould , has been keenly interested in the movements of her family over the generations and after she had discovered that her seventeenth-century ancestors were mentioned in Richard Gough 's History of Myddle ( 1701–2 ) she published More Tales of Banks Peninsula and wrote in her foreword :
12 In Spain , governments have been keenly aware of RENFE 's position as the model whose pay and conditions were likely to have major repercussions for other firms throughout the economy .
13 They celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary last September , and Dulcie has been keenly involved with Medau for over 36 years , starting with the Post Natal Classes at Days Lane School , Sidcup , taken by Molly Braithwaite and Peggy Secord .
14 The emigrants are predominantly young and skilled : Hong Kong is now losing more graduates each year than it produces .
15 When a sergeant congratulated one section on the improvement in the language in the guard room over the last few hours when the field-worker had been present , one constable shouted , ‘ Fucking good job too , Sir ’ ( FN 2/2/87 , p. 6 ) , and the occupational culture of the station soon reasserted its typical forms of expression , which are widespread in all police forces and occupational cultures that are predominantly masculine and working class .
16 Some nations are predominantly tea drinkers , others will generally prefer coffee .
17 The huts are predominantly in valleys near rivers , and invariably the local area was swarming with mosquitos .
18 The motion states : ‘ To recruit almost exclusively from the narrow minority group of Guardian readers whose views are predominantly leftwing is contrary to the spirit of the obligations of political balance in broadcasting and is an explanation of the self-righteous and unctuous hostility of broadcasters towards the present Government . ’
19 If they are predominantly female , and 83 per cent of part-timers are , the equal pay legislation may entitle them to the same benefits and conditions as their full-time colleagues .
20 The recent sediments contain soot characteristic of fuel-oil , which has been extensively used only since 1940 , and magnetic particles which , says Battarbee , ‘ are predominantly spherical and can be identified as power station fly-ash . ’
21 jobs which represent an extension of the wife-mother role , such as nursing and teaching , and those which require an attractive image , such as secretaries , are predominantly filled by women .
22 The farmers of the region are predominantly peasants , who depend mainly on family labour , as nearly four-fifths of the agricultural sector are smallholders , cultivating one-fifth of all farmland .
23 Lest the reader may point out that the examples so far are predominantly drawn from small countries and affecting only small populations , others , such as areas of China and India are discussed elsewhere in this book .
24 British soap opera and crime series , on the other hand , are predominantly ‘ naturalist ’ in the sense in which Todorov used the term .
25 These areas are predominantly used to rear hardy beef cattle and sheep which are sold in the autumn to be finished elsewhere .
26 The grasses selected for medium leys are predominantly Italian and perennial rye-grasses with small amounts of timothy , cocksfoot and meadow fescue .
27 If most of your ticks are against the statements in section A , then you are predominantly left-brained ; whereas If you have placed more ticks against the section B statements , you are predominantly right-brained .
28 If most of your ticks are against the statements in section A , then you are predominantly left-brained ; whereas If you have placed more ticks against the section B statements , you are predominantly right-brained .
29 By now you should have discovered whether you are predominantly left or right-brained , thought about developing your creativity and learned about the influences on your mind and how to quieten it .
30 The buildings of Cambridge colleges are predominantly of stone , while those of domestic Cambridge are mainly of brick and slate .
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