Example sentences of "be [be] " in BNC.

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1 Now , am am I the only person to whom a lot of this is news ?
2 Oh yeah , I am am there , sorry , I was n't
3 Can I can I just raise a question er to r to clarify the point before I answer your question that I are am I are we to assume that in response to Mr , erm it 's on the record that there 's a er a request to add , clear expression of local preference I by local planning authorities ?
4 A Labour movement looking to the 1990s would have been been debating single union , no-strike deals and profit-related payment systems rather than how best to call strikes and whether a system of labour tribunals was needed to compensate for the supposed bias of the capitalist courts .
5 Now that gas prices have been been freed from control , he says , the industry can guarantee supplies to utilities and industrial users .
6 Another change of direction — rather than building and extending what has been been achieved during the past few years — could lead to yet another thoroughly dispiriting time for patients , and for those who work in the NHS .
7 Examples of this approach have been been the evaluation studies at the University of Bradford , University College Cardiff , and the University of Aston .
8 Even the WBC , the governing body that insist they 'll now give their title to Lewis , would have been been appeased by such a compromise .
9 It has its fair share of crash , bang wallop and does take a mite too long to wrap itself up , but Sneakers is very funny , hugely entertaining and always ingeniously wacky and it 's good to see that reports of Mr Redford 's celluloid ‘ death ’ have been been a touch premature and certainly exaggerated .
10 ICL Plc has been been ringing the changes , not only with boardroom shuffles ( CI No 2,125 ) , but with a push towards what it calls more ‘ autonomous business groupings ’ and a greater emphasis on software and services , the area which accounted for some 60% of UK sales in 1992 .
11 The Sipra team has been been trying to tempt System 36 users to buy its product for years , but has not had much success .
12 That is the case with P&O Scottish Ferries : its grant for providing services to and from Shetland and Orkney has just been been raised by £1.9m , to £8.6m .
13 The Sipra team has been been trying to tempt System 36 users to buy its product for years , but has not had much success .
14 The weight has been been un unreal .
15 so it 's been been tightened up a bit .
16 So the , they 're , the old people have been been done o out of a lot of money .
17 7 members of six families with a history of melanoma in at least 1 first-degree relative have been been followed for 56 person-years .
18 Although the division of the Merovingian kingdom is often held to have been been traditional , this was clearly not the case in 511 .
19 The president himself ordered studies of the feasibility of tougher policies than had been been pursued under Truman against the Soviet bloc .
20 But at least the stalemate had been been broken .
21 And I 've been been through er th the debugging tools .
22 It 's been a bit Well it 's it 's been been a bit difficult to test because with the sort of ready the read-me files .
23 been been numerous have n't they ?
24 You know , the number and I mean has n't been able to get round to buying space in the T T G and Travel Weekly until the first two weeks in February cos we were so late in informing him I must had this conversation has taken away the brochure so there 's not a copy here but we 'll try and get hold of some as soon as possible but I mean they 're mainly for Glasgow but had been been up there from R and D y'know and she said that the people up there did n't seem to know the slightest thing about interline how to deal with interline tickets and agency tickets and all that sort of business .
25 Erm , all councillors have been been circulated with this .
26 Can I make a comment on that and that the these houses are and oh ev er we have been been into consultation with Newton Sherwood District Council , since we er since the the first application
27 The prosecution has now been been given seven days to decide if it wants a re-trail .
28 Langbaurgh council 's tourism and leisure committee was told that Kart racing and other activities which had been been stopped on Sundays at the controversial Wheelbase Park in South Bank , Middlesbrough , was costing the cash-hit council over £20,000 .
29 He said it had differed from the Foreign Office advice because it had subsequently been been scrutinised in ‘ greater detail ’ .
30 Business has been been booming , especially on a Saturday .
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