Example sentences of "be [conj] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I still do n't know if my family know where I am or if they will suffer from my decision .
2 You obviously know who I am or you would n't be here . ’
3 By the end of the night I wo n't know who I am or what I do any more .
4 Erm , one of the things that depresses me , is probably the main thing that depresses me is not being valued for what I am or what I do and I think many women suffer from depression because their strengths and their creativity are not recognised and valued .
5 I do n't know where I am or who these people are , but they have n't harmed me .
6 I do n't know whether I am or not .
7 ‘ I really do n't know who I am or what I 'm doing here , ’ he said .
8 Ask me something else , like how the weather is or where I am or something .
9 Still I can look efficient underneath that bonnet , but whether I am or not anybody can , anybody can
10 Am or pm or is that ?
11 you are or think you may be pregnant
12 You either are or you 're not .
13 ‘ I do n't mind , really , what you are or are n't .
14 But tennis players do n't seem to know where they are or what the weather is like .
15 Blindness can strike anyone at any time , regardless of who they are or where they live .
16 Are or are we not permitted to pay taxes to the Roman emperor ?
17 There are n't enough biscuits ; you can have tea and coffee in the morning but only tea in the afternoon ; no-one knows where the switches are or how the equipment works ; and so on .
18 For example , subjects ( which can be people or , with suitable techniques , animals ) are asked whether two complex shapes , presented in different orientations , are or are not the same .
19 He 's not human , never mind caring whether we are or not . ’
20 Hundreds of different products are or have been manufactured there , and the capacity and capability is impressive .
21 This was followed soon after by penicillin and then a host of other antibiotics , very many of which are or were effective in the treatment of gonorrhoea .
22 But it must never be forgotten that , if this happens , it happens by accident : it can be no part of the system that pupils should be entered for a test because of the age they are or the class they are part of .
23 Moreover , good housekeeping and husbandry practices in respect of storing , transporting and handling materials which are or may become odorous must not be overlooked in any type of trade or industry , whether or not additional odour abatement methods are required .
24 The traditional explanation is that all mothers with colicky babies — regardless of what sort of people they are or what else is happening in their lives — suddenly become more confident and relaxed at this point .
25 Few librarians would agree that censorship has anything to do with book selection , and indeed as we shall see they are or should be diametrically opposite operations with entirely different functions .
26 Nevertheless the political and social motivation of some librarians and the antics of the media in frequently misrepresenting the situation when books are or are not selected have brought the two practices so uncomfortably close that we are being forced to justify what is undoubtedly a professional task of the very highest order and demanding considerable skill .
27 you are or think you may be pregnant
28 You can ask them either just as they are or use them as a basis for formulating questions that are particularly related to the job for which you are being interviewed .
29 Let us look in more detail at the difficulties inherent for everyone in appropriate penetration and then at the problems that can arise in marriage when these are or an extreme nature .
30 He is also told to , ‘ never cease your labour , your care and diligence , until you have done all that lieth in you , according to your bounden duty , to bring all such as are or shall be committed to your charge , unto … knowledge of God ’ .
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