Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] found " in BNC.

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1 perhaps a way should be found of ensuring that we experience both the ordinariness and the extraordinariness of the glass , he wrote .
2 He asked my advice and I said she should be found suitable private accommodation .
3 It says ‘ the commission shall , in the case of any nominated news provider , review the performance of that body as a nominated news provider ’ , and says that if the commission is not satisfied with the news coverage other suppliers should be found .
4 The Spanish laws against drug use in those days were exceptionally severe , and I was terrified in case you should be found out by the police or the drug squad .
5 Some other means should be found to raise money so that the totality of Kent 's magnificent scheme can be preserved .
6 No such restriction should apply to our large-eyed species ; it should be found with all other different kinds of trilobite assemblages without preference .
7 Legal safeguards are necessary to protect their money and property and a way should be found to provide security of tenure for dependent older people in residential care .
8 a way should be found to give women additional pension cover for years of domestic responsibility ;
9 During this learning period the teacher should encourage the student to talk about the examples , and in the early stages ways should be found to make the essential characteristics stand out .
10 If one partner still feels the desire for sex , then a way should be found to meet that need , with unselfish giving as well as restraint as each tries to satisfy the other .
11 He responded unenthusiastically to directives issuing from Sir Donald Cameron after 1924 that some system should be found for governing the Masai through their legitimate traditional authorities .
12 No doubt the auditor would , at the same time , wish to advise the company that a new registered office should be found , although reasonable notice may have to be given .
13 In the absence of any significant movement on the Western Front people were bound to start asking what their sacrifices were for , and whether , if military victory was unattainable , some other way of stopping the slaughter should be found .
14 If fusion was really taking place , then these products should be found and from the amount of heat measured one could determine the amount of fusion products that should have been seen ; the answer was calculated to be a staggering thousand billion neutrons per second .
15 Second , the independence of processing of attributes like colour and motion suggests that they should be found to operate independently in psychophysical studies , and this is what happens ( Nakayama and Silverman 1986 ) .
16 This was an influential study which broadly supported the view that permanent substitute parents should be found for children in long-term care .
17 Ideally , a way should be found to employ both arms together .
18 The justices further stated that they wished to ensure that the case did not drift and that a secure , stable and permanent carer should be found for L. , whether that carer be her mother or another family .
19 Nor , for the same reason , can he succeed upon his broader submission that the publicity now given to these documents has so eroded their privacy that the public interest in their future non-disclosure should be found to have evaporated .
20 The provision in section 44(4) has been criticized on the ground that it is wrong in principle that a person should be found guilty of an offence which the jury find that he did not commit .
21 Moreover , if the permanent representation is more " highly processed " , then in a task which can only be performed by referring to this higher.level information a right hemisphere advantage should be found even with a zero inter.stimulus interval , that is , with simultaneous presentation of the two stimuli to be matched .
22 The challenge is then to persuade the statutory agencies that their priorities should be adjusted and that money should be found elsewhere to fund these new kinds of service .
23 I 'm just keen that the bastard who murdered Nicola Sharpe should be found . ’
24 The Fulton Report ( 1968 ) on the civil service was critical of the generalist class within the civil service and suggested that a greater role in management should be found for the specialist classes .
25 The strategy proposes that the majority of this land should be found beyond the Edinburgh Green Belt , in areas accessible to jobs and public transport , and where the best landscapes will not be affected .
26 It was an odd coincidence that a man should be found dead in the Thames near Stavanger 's office on the day that Stavanger had apparently disappeared , but that was now over four months ago , and in any case the police knew all about it , because the office cleaner had called the police .
27 An additional half-post should be found from 1994/95 .
28 Amid calls from all interested parties for the reconvening of the Paris International Conference on Cambodia ( held inconclusively in August 1989 — see pp. 36848-49 ) , Ali Alatas , as Indonesian Foreign Minister one of the two co-chairs of the Paris conference , said that a solution should be found to the Cambodian problem without waiting for the SNC chairmanship issue to be resolved .
29 In Azerbaijan , Demirel was reported as saying that a peaceful solution should be found to Azerbaijan 's " just war " in Nagorny Karabakh .
30 Given the fact that the temporal relation between means and end is clearly one of before to after , and the fact that when used with an infinitive how denotes the means and the infinitive the end , our hypothesis leads us to predict that to should be found after how .
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