Example sentences of "[num] days time " in BNC.

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1 Lady Diana said : ‘ In 12 days time I shall no longer be men . ’
2 In 10 days time , Playing The First Wife , produced by Miss Konig 's De Musset & Co — named after French playwright Alfred de Musset — opens at the Watermans in Brentford , directed by Tim Piggott-Smith and starring Barry Foster .
3 However , Lyngby are ready to part with the Danish international as soon as their interest in the European Cup is over — and following Rangers 2-0 win that is likely to be in 10 days time .
4 Austin McHale , Fisher 's main challenger for the Tarmac crown until he was forced out of the Ulster Rally , hinted that he might not appear again this season and , of course , is not listed among the entries for the Manx International in 10 days time .
5 His second will be in Holland in 10 days time .
6 Bennett will certainly miss Saturday 's trip to Southend and is already extremely doubtful for the FA Cup replay at West Ham in eight days time .
7 We can not clear the matter up until Stirling returns from his present party in three days time … .
8 In three days time , after acclimatization training , the Russian lads were to take delivery of the aircraft and fly them back to Irkutsk by way of Yakutsk .
9 ‘ In three days time , Beltane , ’ said the Leader .
10 in maybe two or three days time .
11 We want you in France in three days time .
12 She agreed to avoid alcohol , and because the next session was not for a week , to telephone the therapist in 3 days time to inform him of her progress .
13 But the appeal judges later approved an agreement between the two sides in the dispute , allowing the airports to continue the detention of the planes until £350,000 security is paid into court or until a full appeal hearing takes place in ten days time .
14 I am writing this in the mid-summer of 1986 , feeling strong and well and scheduled to make a return visit to my surgeon in just ten days time .
15 and we 'll be back at Jackdaws Castle in ten days time for the official opening by the Princess Royal … finally tonight we 've got the result of our Nigel Mansell competition … thanks for all your cards … we had hundreds and here 's how it finished
16 Right Nick , well congratulations , thanks for entering the competition and watch out for your post in about a week , ten days time .
17 Ten times he went into Test battle with them , winning once in 1977 in a Lions ' jersey , and his experience and example will be crucial when the revamped , and increasingly successful , Gwent side meet the tourists in 13 days time .
18 Were £50 000 lent today against repayment of £50 000 in 60 days time this would be the equivalent of the lending institution lending at zero interest .
19 And the Cid made answer , Give within thirty days time , as is the right of the hidalgos ; and the King said he would come and look for him .
20 They asked us to go back to see a doctor from the Christie Hospital in Manchester in two days time .
21 Because , after all , no-one had , as yet , told him that Presley City was going to be little more than blackened rubble in just two days time .
22 In two days time .
23 In two days time the DIVAS will be seen performing their close harmony act in new ITV series for rising stars called ’ Pot of Gold ’ .
24 She was only in a in a she said she was earlier than the other one and the other came in two days time .
25 Not the Saturday two days time ?
26 My next mission is in four days time .
27 In theory , Verity and Lewis were meant to be giving me a lift in four days time , but that was obviously out , now .
28 In four days time , Karen King was due to go to her Aunt Jane 's on the Isle of Man , still hoping to persuade Jessica to join her on the boat .
29 The District Nurse would remove her sutures in seven days time .
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