Example sentences of "[vb base] talking to " in BNC.

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1 Forget talking to your plants … if you want them to look their best try a bit of good old fashioned pampering .
2 ‘ Many wives are frightened to ‘ go public ’ in case neighbours stop talking to them .
3 Stop talking to him I do n't want him on my tape , it 's a waste .
4 Both Gareth and Rachel enjoy talking to their visitors and eventually they will leave the management of the farm and dairy to their children and concentrate on showing the visitors how it works .
5 Cos we just enjoy talking to you so much !
6 Ludwitt overhears Face talking to Sottle who 's still in the house .
7 You never get talking to people , it 's ridiculous .
8 Get talking to people over a few drinks ; you 're better than me at that sort of thing . ’
9 ‘ If you get talking to any New Yorkers they 'll tell what a lousy dirty city it is all full of crime and weirdos and garbage .
10 So get talking to this girl you love , or else you may very well lose her .
11 not really long you get talking to somebody and
12 I remember talking to the Chinese Trade Minister , with Louis Portman , export manager of the British Motor Corporation , in the hope of persuading the Chinese to buy tractors then being made in Bathgate .
13 ‘ I remember talking to Johnny Marr and Morrissey about records we liked , and there was certainly a similarity there in what we listened to — Bowie and things .
14 In the book I quote a letter from my father when I was at Cambridge , and I remember talking to my father about the National Gallery as early as 1928 .
15 ‘ And then later on , I remember talking to Christine but I do n't know what about . ’
16 Now I I remember talking to him for hours once on a programme about education and this was when he first said what we want is teachers to be accountable .
17 Bill always used to say , I remember talking to Bill one night at er , at a conference , and his ambition was to walk into every depot at nine o'clock on a morning , and not see a parcel .
18 I remember talking to you and I said I had erm friends from , that 's in Tipperary is n't it ?
19 Okay we ca n't do this I do n't like it you know talking to the on the programme we do n't like it at all .
20 I 'm used to talking to peo you know talking to people and drawing people out .
21 you know talking to five , you know , people who 've done their projects , they 've said some of the trouble going out
22 I like talking to you . ’
23 They bring me dogs bones for the dogs and they like talking to my parrot I wish I could get rid of the bleeding thing though .
24 Patients undergoing surgery sometimes find talking to a spiritual counsellor provides psychological comfort , even if they do not usually practise a religion .
25 It might be rubbish , try talking to a farmer occasionally .
26 Try talking to the people at Relate .
27 We do n't send out computer statements following the invoice , but keep talking to clients ; someone does this full time .
28 Keep talking to him , and keep playing the music . ’
29 ‘ If you keep talking to me he might think we have n't seen him , ’ Benny hissed out of the corner of her mouth .
30 Keep talking to people .
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