Example sentences of "[adv] happened to " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Not the usual kind of student 's flat , ’ muttered the Marshal , surprised to find his feet walking on fitted carpet , a thing that only happened to him in the lobbies of hotels he was checking on .
2 Death was something that only happened to other people — except there was the ragged hole that the shadow-voices had opened up in her and Zulei was tearing at it and there was death behind .
3 Come to think of it , not much happened to Anna from the time Simon left us till she died — fifteen years or nearly .
4 This apparently happened to Jim last year .
5 So what exactly happened to young Sarah , who was only 10 or 11 years old at the time ?
6 Wait till you hear what fucking happened to us on Sunday ,
7 The bombardier beetle 's ancestors simply pressed into different service chemicals that already happened to be around .
8 It was surely part of her duty to find out what finally happened to the seductive female spread out on the front cover .
9 Both men had leapt to their feet and had been restrained from using violence by the mates of the shop steward , who just happened to be on hand .
10 One of the two witnesses , who also just happened to be the convener , Fred Clasper , claimed that a second warning note was unjustified as the foreman had been knocked down unintentionally .
11 BBS seriously considered firing Hopper ; the pressure of moving a production team of twenty-three people from state to state , writing the script on the run and persuading innocent citizens of the United States of America who just happened to be passing at the time to appear in the movie , was a heavy burden for all .
12 Maybe it was n't even him that took my bag — maybe it was one of those American tourists or someone I did n't even see , and Dayglo here — Vern — just happened to be running along the wharf .
13 They just put me up for it and I just happened to be about at the time .
14 ‘ I just happened to be around some great players and be part of a great team ’ , he said with typical modesty .
15 To get the tickets you had to sign up for a complete tour and hospitality package , available through Travelforce , a travel agency in Durban — of which the then President of the Natal Rugby Union , and member of the Executive of the ( former ) SARB , just happened to be a director .
16 This continent seems to have been created by Augustus Le Plongeon for his 1896 novel Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphynx , which he claimed was based on original Mayan writings — which writings , of course , just happened to be unavailable to other scholars .
17 Anything could have sparked the riots , it just happened to be the injustice of Rodney King 's trial that triggered it this time .
18 She was going through a traumatic divorce at the time and it was obvious she needed someone to talk to and I just happened to be around .
19 Within Christianity bread and wine are sacramental not because they just happened to be on the table for a Jewish meal but because they were signs of the covenant .
20 He just happened to be there after solving another case .
21 Pilkington disliked the impression conveyed that these friendly personalities just happened to be recommending products as though they were disinterested parties .
22 It just happened to be the one which caused the glass to become overfilled and which caused the body to begin to signal being under excessive stress .
23 ‘ The whole thing has got out of control , I 'm not so much bored as miserable , ’ confided Diana to a sympathetic neighbour who just happened to be a journalist .
24 The auto industry just happened to be a convenient sector in which to show his determination to change ( Doner , 1987 ; Oman , 1989 : pp. 164–166 ) .
25 I just happened to be seen by a lot of people every night .
26 Spooner 's idea came from an invitation by his actor-neighbour , Jim Dale , to visit the set of the latest Carry On … film at Pinewood — which just happened to be Carry On Cleo .
27 ‘ I just happened to be interested , that 's all , ’ she replied .
28 Could it possibly be mere chance , I asked myself , that this manna from God knew where just happened to be my absolute favourites bar none ?
29 Most of Rory 's pals in London were in the International Marxist Croup , but here he was ; wandering the hills with an upper class dingbat who just happened to be married to his sister and who lived for huntin' , shootin' and fishin' ( and seemed to spend the absolute minimum amount of time in his castle with his wife ) , and who had just last year rationalised half the work force in the glass factory out of a job .
30 The grass was lucky if it grew , was shone upon and rained upon , and was not burned , and was not pulled up by the roots , or poisoned , or buried when the ground was turned over , and some bits just happened to be on a line that humans wanted to walk on , and so got trampled , broken , pressed flat , with no malice ; just effect .
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