Example sentences of "[adv] happen to " in BNC.

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1 It was all happening to him , right there in a see-through plastic telephone nodule in the airport concourse with the crowds jostling and plaintive announcements coming over the Tannoy system , and the orange-juice machines gurgling and travellers humping suitcases about with those peculiarly tense expressions people always adopt prior to a long-haul flight .
2 Much happens to the cloth before it is ready for use in a car .
3 Why , why was n't it enough that out of every experience that I mean like not much happens to the back of your neck like that , that 's one thing that I 'd even think about , I mean I 'm not any kind of historian , but like , like anything like the back of the neck I would think of a guillotine also .
4 Usually , it only happens to grown-ups .
5 Only happens to someone like Byrkin .
6 ‘ as if he only happens to be with us by accident and could just as easily be amusing himself at some other job elsewhere . ’
7 ‘ Not the usual kind of student 's flat , ’ muttered the Marshal , surprised to find his feet walking on fitted carpet , a thing that only happened to him in the lobbies of hotels he was checking on .
8 Death was something that only happened to other people — except there was the ragged hole that the shadow-voices had opened up in her and Zulei was tearing at it and there was death behind .
9 If the fields below happen to be large , they may get down safely , but a safe landing is often due to luck rather than to good judgement .
10 Come to think of it , not much happened to Anna from the time Simon left us till she died — fifteen years or nearly .
11 This apparently happened to Jim last year .
12 Because , by obvious reasons that can only happen to one person .
13 Sue 's skin , thought Marion , Sue 's skin , so why do I feel as if I 'm the one , as if it all happened in my room , as if it had all happened to me ?
14 Well I think er what I 'll do because Stuart who 's the C E O rather happens to be with us er I think I 'll ask Stuart if he would like to make a few remarks .
15 TEARDROP EXPLODES Vox Teardrop & Phantom XII Looking cool is something that rarely happens to me these days , but strapping on either of these reissued Vox guitars it 's hard to tell if it 's grey hairs or ice …
16 It very rarely happens to me .
17 ‘ With Jimmy just happening to be there ? ’
18 It really did n't feel like it was such big stuff , it was just happening to me and I believed I was going to be all right .
19 This house was indeed built for a gentleman — it just happens to be on an almost miniature scale .
20 I know that 's very boring of me , but it just happens to be true , my dear .
21 During the 1970s several teams attempted to refute this claim , arguing that the connection is a figment of Arp 's imagination , that it is an optical illusion caused by the overlap of isophotes ( light contours ) from the two objects , or that it is an illusion caused by a star or galaxy which just happens to be located between the two objects .
22 We sometimes surprise ourselves as well as our near and dear ones by suddenly exploding into unreasonable anger over a trifling offence which just happens to be the last straw that breaks the camel 's back .
23 It just happens to be legal . ’
24 One is that the figure of 300 per cent increase in productivity just happens to be that which would have had to occur to cost-justify the installation of CAD given capital and wage costs in the early 1980s in the UK when this figure gained currency .
25 We shall be considering The Prelude as a poem at the appropriate point in the Critical Survey ; for the moment I propose to refer to it simply as evidence of Wordsworth 's internal struggles and preoccupations , as if it were a diary or a letter to a friend which just happens to be in verse .
26 Unless , of course , it just happens to be a Japanese burglar .
27 DARREN FERGUSON has won over his biggest critic — Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson , who also just happens to be his dad .
28 ‘ I happen to believe variety is the spice of life , it just happens to be that women end up victimising themselves a lot , or subjecting themselves to a lot of bullshit to get some sort of coverage .
29 When these result in avoidable death , and they do , then it could be anyone who just happens to be there — employees , consumers , ordinary citizens .
30 Most philosophical systems of ethics , and most popular moralizing , are radically flawed because they recommend morality to us either as what it is in our own best ultimate interests to do , or alternatively try to promote it by appeal to our feelings , for example feelings of compassion , or ( like Hutcheson ) by reference to some kind of moral sentiment which just happens to be part of human nature .
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