Example sentences of "[pers pn] happened to " in BNC.

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1 Charles wanted his protégé in and as I was the resident ( and unpopular ) Baroque sculpture specialist , I happened to be in the way .
2 I happened to be the last person of my family there .
3 Beatrice described his assaults in her fluent , showy style , the nights when Modigliani came home drunk : ‘ If I happened to be drunk too , there was a great scene !
4 It was one evening when I happened to be valeting him , Mr Charles told me he had come across my father some years earlier while a guest at Loughborough House — the home of Mr John Silvers , the industrialist , where my father served for fifteen years at the height of his career .
5 I happened to be walking past the kitchen yesterday when I heard you calling to someone named William . ’
6 This occurred on take-off one evening and I happened to be in the Met Office at the time .
7 He would burst into the office singing , and if I happened to be there he would rush over and ruffle my hair , and exclaim , ‘ Here she is , the wee lassie !
8 And I 'm awfully glad I happened to be passing .
9 In South Island where I happened to be , validation is available only from the Canterbury Aero Club at Christchurch Airport .
10 ‘ Oh , Mrs Markham , ’ a Mrs Prothero and President of the Women 's Institute said one day , ‘ I happened to be passing and just wanted to extend a welcome on behalf of the whole village . ’
11 You see , I happened to be born in this house , so naturally I take a rather personal interest in its occupants . ’
12 Storm Jameson , a woman novelist active in the peace movement , later recalled : ‘ For some years after 1933 I lived in equivocal amity with pacifists and combative supporters of the League of Nations , adjusting my feelings , in good and bad faith , to the person I happened to be with .
13 I happened to be in Annabel 's nightclub last year when a path was opened for Fergie and a man yelled ‘ hi ’ to me and introduced her highness saying ‘ Hey Tak , bow to the Duchess of York and say hello . ’
14 I happened to be in the area and Lucasta Redburn 's not a common name , especially in a town the size of Plumford . ’
15 I happened to be passing — hope you do n't mind me barging in like this .
16 Normally I ask for an appointment , but I happened to be passing and saw the lights — and the chopper .
17 Initially I happened to be watching a monitor at the BBC on which was an item about a group of French musicians who played their music on glass tubes .
18 ‘ I 'm glad I happened to be awake , ’ I said , ‘ but I must go now .
19 A piece of land where I happened to be born .
20 Cork is where I happened to be born .
21 I happened to be able to put it together again , it was n't too difficult , and er so I got the job of being clerk-cum-what-have-you .
22 Cos I happened to be out on Road , when it happened
23 I happened to be just about the oldest one of the team of them really .
24 I happened to be in Berthing again — cousin of mine lives there .
25 At that time I happened to be running the scheme as a leader and officer in the Stornoway Sea Cadet Corps and the boy 's mother had asked me to attend in her place .
26 Well it was a town then but since then it 's been made a city , you see , and I got to know all kinds of people and one gentleman came in there , used to come every evening and write a book and er , I used to look after him if I happened to be that end and er , you see , and then he 'd say , oh just an exchange you know about the weather and just in general thing and then I 'd leave him and he 'd get on with his writing and one day he said to me .
27 I happened to be there .
28 Because I happened to be fluent in French , I was promoted 11 months later to loan officer and assigned to the French-speaking Arab countries of North Africa , where I made my first international calls .
29 I was confusing those regulations with some others , because I happened to be dealing with the lack of adequate time for the disability working regulations .
30 Oh and I happened to be standing in the back kitchen you know and I got hold of this saucepan and I picked my little brother up and put him under my arm in case he got hurt and I oh I belted my father from his head to his feet with the saucepan .
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